Painting Contractors Denver

Some of us like to think we can paint, but there’s a lot more to it than just splattering a little paint on the wall and calling it a day. Your space deserves the flawless finish a professional painting contractor can offer. If you are ready to refresh your space in Denver and are wondering why you should hire a professional painting contractor to do it, keep reading. For those of you prepared to hire someone but aren’t sure who, head over to Brush Strokes Painting to find out more about Denver’s premier painting contractor.  

What is a Professional Painting Contractor? 

A professional painter is a person whose trade is decorating and protecting walls, roofs, or other interior or exterior surfaces through applying paint. The main occupation of the painter is the uniform distribution of paint onto the surface. By using equipment such as brushes, rollers, or other tools that facilitate the application of the paint, a professional painter ensures a quality job. This includes the removal of old paint or wallpaper and leveling the surface for the optimal application environment. You should hire a professional painting contractor when you are looking to change up a space by giving it a new color, adding protection to the walls or ceilings, and for renovation work.

There are many different finishes available, depending on the room’s characteristics, the type of surface, and the desired ending vibe of the space. Each household surface has its own purpose. Did you know you should use metallic paint to cover metal pipes and containers, enamel for radiators, and acrylic paint for wet areas or areas affected by grease? Also, you can apply varnishes on wooden surfaces to protect them from moisture and deterioration. Before starting the work, ask your contractor how to carry out different color tests on the wall to make your final decision. 

You can expect any professional painter to respect your property while completing the job. It is their job to take care of your property, as well as guarantee your safety and theirs. A professional painter will know exactly what to do when they come across things in your space like cables, plugs, or electricity switches while painting.  

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Professional Painting Contractor

Deciding whether or not to pay for a professional painting contractor can seem like an undertaking. Ultimately, it is the best decision to look for an excellent and long-lasting result. Painting professionals are trained for everything related to changing the finish and feel of your interior or exterior space. At Brush Strokes Painting in Denver, we offer various options to achieve your desired aesthetic. From simply changing the paint color to staining, adding a chalkboard or dry erase paint, textured finishes, and antique glazing, choosing a professional painting contractor offers you an endless array of options to bring new life to the interior of your space.  

More than Crafting

There are many reasons to hire a professional painting contractor in Denver, starting with the fact that when you choose to hire Brush Strokes Painting, your satisfaction is guaranteed. While we always encourage you to tap into your creative side, the interior or exterior of your home is more than just a craft project. In order to get the best out of your home while giving it the best care, we recommend hiring a professional painting contractor. The pristine finish that a professional painter provides is far more than simply painting the walls.  

Pristine Application & Quality of Work 

Painting contractors will determine the best method for applying your desired finish, depending on the current state of the surface. From preparing the surface to be painted to selecting which tool will be used, the professional painting contractor you choose will have all of the tools and knowledge necessary to determine how to make the job great and long-lasting.  

Our team is trained to know if the space to be painted needs treatment in advance. Preparation work is vital to start painting, and we are happy to take care of it for you. Treating your walls and surfaces sets up your space for your desired finish to shine through. However, this is not something to take on without the proper training. At Brush Strokes Painting, our team has training in recognizing the best path to achieve your dream look in the end.  

Protecting your Property & Cleaning Up

A professional painter will take care of all the necessary arrangements to ensure your property is protected while the painting process takes place and clean up upon completion. Splashing paint on the floor is one of the most common accidents when painting yourself. However, the floor is often not the only thing in the room. Working with a painting contractor relieves you of being on clean-up duty and takes the stress off of how to protect your space best. Instead of searching for one more drop cloth at a different store, you can spend your time searching for your new artwork or plant for your revived space. You should only hire a painting contractor that is properly licensed and insured. At Brush Strokes Painting, we are fully licensed, insured, and even bonded! 

Stay in Budget

A professional painter will know the quantity of paint needed to complete the job. Doing it on our own could increase the budget as there are often last-minute runs to the hardware or paint store, which adds up. Preparing the surface is key to a lasting job, and a professional painting contractor in Denver will know what your surface needs.

While the cost of hiring a painting contractor in Denver may seem like it will cost more than doing it yourself, let’s review what your shopping list would be like. To prep the wall or surface, you will need the proper tools and agents to clean it. Then, you will need all of the coverings for the space not to be painted (your shoes, the floor, any furniture in the room, etc.). After that, you will need the proper equipment to ready the surface for painting, like a primer. As well as the paint, which you will likely need multiple coats of. Include the cost for a few extra gallons of primer and paint, just to be on the safe side. Oh, we don’t want to forget the additional tools to reach the high-up places, as well as brushes or rollers. Once you add up all of the time spent researching what you will need, finding the item in a store, and the extra trips back to the store for something forgotten, you have spent hours solving something a professional painting contractor can handle. There is a good chance your supply list is not far off from hiring a professional who will handle everything for you, saving you time and headaches on budget.  

Saves You Time

Most of us these days have busy schedules. Painting can be an enormous undertaking, especially when painting the exterior of your house in Denver, CO. Hiring a professional painting contractor allows for the job to get done well while only costing you a fraction of the time in consultations. Unless you are properly trained in the best way to protect the area, prepare the surface, and apply the finish, even painting one interior room could take a week or more. Our team at Brush Strokes Painting has all of the necessary tools, techniques, knowledge, and experience to achieve your dream look. Working with us allows you to keep your focus and time on your daily life while refreshing your space stress-free. A professional painting contractor will also understand the amount of time needed to complete each step of the process and will be able to give you a job time frame that will be met.  

Health & Safety 

It is essential to follow the appropriate methods to take care of your health when painting, as being in contact with paint is not without its risks. Being exposed to the chemicals that emanate from the paint can result in poisoning. Exposure to dust and other residues from the preparation of the surfaces before painting can also be harmful. A professional painter takes all this into account and has the necessary equipment to protect themselves when needed. 

The other side of safety to consider comes when painting an elevated surface. Reaching those high spaces in the home or workspace can be dangerous if you do not have the necessary equipment for the job. Professionals have all the appropriate equipment and techniques to access those places you will not be able to access without risking their safety. Take care of yourself and hire a professional painting contractor for your next renovation project in Denver.  

Top Reasons to Hire a Painting Contractor in Denver, Colorado

Hiring a painting professional is the best decision to make when you decide to update your space. Here are our top reasons for working with a professional painting contractor. If you are looking in the Denver, CO area, schedule your free estimate today with Brush Strokes Painting! Your future self will love you for it.  

Top Five Reasons to Hire a Painting Contractor

  1. Pristine Application & Quality of Work 
  2. Protecting your Property & Cleaning Up
  3. Stay in Budget
  4. Saves You Time
  5. Health & Safety