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1. What services does Brush Strokes Painting offer?

Brush Strokes Painting is a full-service painting contractor in Denver, CO. We provide a range of services including construction, finishing, general contracting, painting, staining, and wall covering installations. All our services are tailored to meet the needs of commercial, industrial, and residential clients.

2. How long has Brush Strokes Painting been in business?

Brush Strokes Painting was established in 2013. With 120+ years of collective experience in our fields, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.

3. What industries does Brush Strokes Painting specialize in?

While we provide services to a wide range of industries, our focus is primarily on the customer service and hospitality sectors. Our team has extensive experience working with businesses in these industries, and we understand the unique needs and challenges they face.

4. Is Brush Strokes Painting a locally-owned and operated business?

Yes, Brush Strokes Painting is proud to be a locally-owned and operated business in Denver, CO. We believe this allows us to understand and cater to the needs of our local clients more effectively.

5. Why should I choose Brush Strokes Painting for my project?

Choosing Brush Strokes Painting means choosing quality, experience, and a strong customer service focus. Our team has over a century of combined experience in the industry, and we’re committed to delivering excellent results for our clients.

6. What is Brush Strokes Painting’s approach to customer service?

At Brush Strokes Painting, customer service is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients, understanding their needs, and delivering exceptional service throughout every stage of the project.

7. How does Brush Strokes Painting ensure the quality of its work?

Quality is a cornerstone of our business. We use only high-quality materials, and our team is comprised of experienced professionals who take pride in their work. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our services.

8. Does Brush Strokes Painting offer free estimates?

Yes, we offer free estimates to prospective clients. Whether you’re planning a small residential project or a large commercial build, we’re happy to provide a no-obligation quote.

9. How can I get in touch with Brush Strokes Painting?

You can get in touch with us via our website, email, or phone. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have, discuss your project needs, or arrange a time for a free estimate.

10. Does Brush Strokes Painting have any special offers or promotions?

We occasionally offer special promotions or discounts to our clients. Be sure to check our website or contact us directly for the most current information.


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