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The change of the seasons is an excellent opportunity to contemplate a home renovation. If a complete remodel is not in the cards, giving your area a new appearance with a trendy coat of paint is the next best thing. Cover all four walls with soothing blues or neutrals, or choose an eye-catching accent color ranging from soft pinks to somber black tones. These colors are perfect for keeping your home colors fresh and trendy for 2022. If you want to have even more fun with your home, select one of the 2022 Colors of the Year. 

When you are ready to speak to a professional painting contractor for your home in Denver, look no further than Brush Strokes Painting. Brush Strokes Painting is your local, licensed, trusted painting contractor in Denver, Colorado. Our environmentally friendly paints allow us to find the most authentic shade to your vision, turning your home into a masterpiece. Now we will dive into the colors and see which one inspires you! 

To help you choose the finest colors, we have compiled an overview of what interior paint design experts have to say on uncovering the greatest painting trends for 2022. Use these expert-approved recommendations to find the perfect interior paint color for your house! 

These colors were chosen by each company as their prediction for the color of the year in 2022. Benjamin Moore chose October Mist, a delicate sage hue. Sherwin-Williams chose Evergreen Fog, a subtle green color. Pantone chose Very Peri, a bright periwinkle blue. Behr selected Breezeway, a cool silver-green. Graham and Brown backed Breathe, a refreshing blue.  

Table of Contents: 

  1. Pantone’s Very Peri
  2. Benjamin Moore’s October Mist
  3. Sherwin Williams’ Evergreen Fog
  4. Behr’s Breezeway
  5. Graham & Brown’s Breathe 
  6. Top Interior Residential Painting Contractors in Denver 

Pantone’s Very Peri

Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year most recent reveal, an altogether new color produced for the first time ever to serve as Pantone Color of the Year. It is known as Very Peri. As we go towards a world of extraordinary change, the selection of Pantone Very Peri gives a fresh viewpoint and vision of the trusted and adored blue hue family. Very Peri has the attributes of blues while also having a violet-red undertone. It has an energetic, happy attitude and energetic presence that inspires brave innovation and inventive expression. 

The brand-new blue, a vivifying violet with electrifying red undertones, exudes consistency, vitality, and excitement. It is essentially the happiest periwinkle around. 

Pantone specialists evaluate cultural trends each year, and the chosen hue represents contemporary worldwide culture. Last year, the institution surprised us with two tones, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, because we all needed a bit more color. Very Peri is with us this year as we escape from seclusion and embark on a new digital and physical journey.  

Of course, the significance of Very Peri’s notion is reflected in its character, a new color to represent the worldwide innovation and transition. The richness of this new red-violet-infused blue color emphasizes the vast possibilities that await us. Keeping us looking ahead with positive vibes.

Benjamin Moore’s October Mist

Benjami Moore picked a subtle sage called October Mist for 2022 . The adaptable color is part of the Benjamin Moore 2022 Color Trends palette, including primary colors, light tones, and botanical tints. As the spaces in our homes change, we discover additional ways to express ourselves and use the power of color to create surroundings that fulfill multiple roles and styles. Color Trends 2022 palette and October Mist represent an effortless harmony of colors while creating new combinations for every paint job.

To assist you in determining the best colors to pair with October Mist, Benjamin Moore has also developed a 2022 Color Trends Palette. The color palette comprises 14 interior paint color hues, including October Mist, that may be combined in an infinite number of ways. Whether you choose a natural, tranquil appearance for your house or wish to experiment with different color combinations. Benjamin Moore’s Color Trend Palette may help you design the space of your dreams. These colors perfectly blend and complement each other, providing you with easy transitions and fresh notes.

Benjamin Moore’s October Mist is a lovely peaceful sage green hue that can complement any decor. White and grey are out. Sage green is the new neutral that provides a natural but tranquil hue to your home. October Mist, with its sage green tint, is also a versatile color. It may also be readily mixed with other color hues to create a natural and calming or colorful and energizing aesthetic in any interior of your house. This color creates a nature-like feeling in any space.

Sherwin Williams’ Evergreen Fog

This green color contains greige undertones and is formally classified as a green-gray tone. Due to its greige undertones, Evergreen Fog may seem radically different in different lighting situations and when matched with specific fixed pieces and décor. 

If you are thinking about using this tone in your house, be sure to test the interior paint color first to find out how Evergreen Fog will feel in your space with the lighting. Brush Strokes Painting can help you with this. Get in touch with us and test the different colors that complement Evergreen Fog.

Evergreen Fog is a sophisticated color wash for places needing a subtle yet magnificent statement tone; Evergreen Fog motivates us to start over and is an excellent choice for modern interiors and exteriors.

Behr’s Breezeway 

Behr’s Color Trends 2022 Palette includes a wide range of complementing tones that lift our moods. Breezeway is a light, silvery-green with cold overtones that evoke glinting sea glass. The name emphasizes the passage from one location to the next. The color encourages us to participate in the outdoor hobbies and pleasures that excite us. 

The versatility of this hue is essential to its appeal. Breezeway’s hue provides the base for a range of design styles, going seamlessly from casual to coastal, modern to retro styling suitable for home offices and living spaces. Because we spend so much time in our living rooms and offices, choosing a refreshing color like Breezeway is crucial to brightening these spaces. Nature, calmness, and freshness are all qualities produced by this color.

Graham & Brown’s Breathe 

Breathe is a flexible, fundamental mid-blue chosen by their color experts for 2022. This color of the year is inspired by the trend predictions for the years ahead. This trend is about nature reclaiming the man-made and putting the world first.

Breathe’s soothing tones mirror this tendency. The shadow is soothing and natural, bringing the outside in, which is especially significant given that we have spent more time indoors in recent years. Because this hue is so gentle and relaxing, it’s ideal to be applied to all parts of the wall, including the woodwork. By allowing one shade to take over the wall, you can appreciate the depth of Breathe, and the blue tones like a beautiful summer sky, bringing the outside into your house. 

The hue works nicely with recycled and barely treated shelves, flooring, and natural materials. Experts from Graham and Brown also encourage pairing Breathe with dark green and blue hues to create definition within your new interior paint.  

Top Interior Residential Painting Contractors in Denver, Colorado 

Whether you are in love with one of these trending interior paint colors for 2022 or have a different palette in mind, we are here for it. Brush Strokes Painting has been Denver’s premier painting contractor for both businesses and homeowners alike since founding our company in 2013. With experience in homes from 3,000 square feet to 13,000 square feet, we are equipped for your home, no matter the size.  

When it comes to choosing the right color for your space, our eco-friendly, professional-graded products allow us to find just the shade you are looking for. We always say applying paint to an interior wall requires an artist’s eye with the technical precision of an engineer. This approach ensures you will love the final product for years to come.  

Each surface adheres best to different compounds. Our team has the knowledge to ensure the proper products are used for professional interior painting that lasts. Brush Strokes Painting is Denver’s top residential painting contractor, from ceilings to floors and all of the walls in between.  

The Brush Strokes Painting team is ready to hear your vision for your home, new or renovation. All of our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee, just another way for us to show you that your opinion matters to us. When choosing to hire Brush Strokes Painting as your painting contractor in Denver, you are choosing to give yourself and your home the best. We promise to show our care in the details while working in your home, ensuring your items in your home are protected while painting.  

Contact Brush Strokes Painting, and let us talk about which new color is your favorite and where you want to see it in your home!