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Have you ever considered painting an accent wall in your home? Adding an accent wall to any room is a popular interior design strategy to add visual appeal. But, when it comes to accent walls, color is everything. The color of the accent wall will dictate its efficacy in adding value to the room. So, it’s no wonder that people are constantly going beyond the traditional choices and finding new accent wall colors to beautify their homes. 

We’ve rounded up our favorite accent wall colors for homeowners in 2021. Our fresh, modern color choices are sure to elevate your interiors and make your Denver home shingle. 

The Benefits of Painting An Accent Wall

Before we dive into our current favorite accent wall colors, let’s talk about why you should create an accent wall in your home to begin with. 

  1. Make the most of a small space.

You’ll notice that an accent wall has the power to magically open up a small space, tricking the eye so that the room appears larger than it is. If the room already has white or light-colored walls, using a darker, more striking color for an accent wall will give the room depth. With an accent wall, the small rooms in your home don’t have to feel cramped or limited. 

  1. Break up a large space. 

Homeowners commonly want to break up a larger room so that it functions as two smaller spaces. While this can be done with furniture or renovations, the same effect can be accomplished with an accent wall. Plus, painting an accent wall is far less expensive than either renovating the space or purchasing new furniture!

  1. Provide a focal point. 

Is there a room (or several) in your home that could use more visual interest? If so, an accent wall is a smart solution. An accent wall can serve as the focal point of the room, making it more visually interesting without the need to add pricey or bulky decor.

Accent Wall Colors For 2021 

We’re midway through 2021, so we’ve had half of the year to scope out the freshest, most interesting accent wall colors for your Denver painting project. Here are our favorites:

Olive Green

Whether in dark or light shades, olive green is a fresh yet elegant accent color that can work in various rooms throughout your home. Olive green is undoubtedly a trendy choice of accent color, but it also has the sophistication to remain relevant for many years to come. Whether for your dining room, home office, or even bathroom, an olive green accent wall will give your interiors a fresh take. This is a particularly good choice if you want something less weighty and dramatic than dark blues or purples, which have long been popular accent wall colors. 

Millennial Pink

We know that millennial pink isn’t new to the year 2021. But, it’s still at the top of the list of trendy paint colors for young homeowners today. Millennial pink exudes beauty and whimsy, making it a bold yet visually pleasing accent wall color choice. As a lighter shade, this one-of-a-kind pink tends to work well in rooms with darker accents, as the contrast will make it pop. From bedrooms to breakfast nooks, millennial pink will undoubtedly add some charm to your home. 

Burnt Orange

Somewhere between retro and boho, burnt orange is a top accent wall color today. It has a warm, inviting feel and can serve as decor inspiration. Whether you choose to make the room bright and bold or rustic and cozy, a burnt orange accent wall is sure to finish out the look. Plus, with the warmth of burnt orange, both natural and artificial light will make it shine. 


Azure is a bright, bold blue. It’s reminiscent of a clear, blue sky and an energizing effect. This makes it a perfect choice for an accent wall. Paired with whites and yellows, azure can create a vibrant, cheerful vibe in your home, making it perfect for an accent wall in a living room or bathroom. 

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