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Painting your home’s interior can be an exciting time. With many craft and DIY enthusiasts redecorating their homes, who is to say they cannot paint their houses, too? While anyone can paint a wall inside their home, doing so with the precision and technique that leaves crisp lines, bold colors, and long-lasting, streak-free results is challenging. Choosing to hire Brush Strokes Painting for your residential painting in Denver, Colorado, brings together premier quality craftsmanship and top-of-the-line products for a paint job that lasts. Here are some of our top considerations when considering hiring residential painting in Denver. 

Why Hire a Professional Painting Contractor? 

Hiring a professional contractor for your residential painting in Denver, Colorado, can make your life easier. First and foremost, when you hire Brush Strokes Painting for your residential painting in Denver, we promise to respect your property throughout the painting process. 

Professional painters know how to properly prepare the surface, which paints to use in each setting, and how to get the work done efficiently with minor inconvenience to you. Painting is a professional art that requires training and proper tools. 

Residential painting in Denver can be a bit dangerous for untrained painters. Dust and chemicals are common during residential painting in Denver. Additionally, ladders and other tools are advised for only a few individuals. Professional painting contractors are trained to manage these dangerous circumstances and materials, reducing the hazard for themselves and you. 

Professional contractors for residential painting in Denver, Colorado, can help you find the perfect shade for your room refresh. From the beginning plans to cleaning up at the end, your vision and satisfaction remain our number one priority at Brush Strokes Painting. 

How to Hire a Denver Residental Painting Contractor 

Anyone can paint your walls, but getting a genuine, high-quality finish requires a lot of skill and experience. Finding the ideal candidate for the position may require research, or you can call Brush Strokes Painting for your free estimate. 

Finding good contractors for residential painting in Denver is best done by asking around. Ask your friends, relatives, and neighbors who recently had a residential painting in Denver if they would recommend the painters they worked with. A solid referral from a reliable source is priceless. You can also read reviews online to find out which local painting contractors have impressed your community. 

Speaking with residential painting experts in Denver is only the beginning. Here are tips to help you find the best residential painting in Denver. 

Get an Estimate

When organizing a significant project, experts recommend you request formal estimates from three in Denver. Estimates benefit you in a few ways. First, you get a feel for what working with the residential painting company in Denver is like. You can also share your vision and ask questions about your residential painting in Denver, Colorado. Estimates give your potential painting contractor a chance to explain how they’d bring your vision to life. 

Estimates and quotes should include the following:

  • Your and the painter’s contact information.
  • A detailed description of each surface to be prepped and painted.
  • Materials and tools for painting.
  • Paint colors.
  • A projected timeline of the project.
  • The estimated price. 

Set the Expectations for Your Residential Painting Project

One of the best ways to ensure smooth residential painting in Denver, Colorado, is to clear the expectations from the beginning. Ensure all ideas and requirements are understood by holding an initial meeting with the painting contractor and your team. Nominating one person from your home as the point of contact for the painting contractor will make communication during the project efficient. If you want to have your home’s exterior painted, schedule your initial meeting during the day. The residential painting contractor will evaluate your home’s current condition and paint.  

Preparing a formal specification of your expectations of a residential painting in Denver can ensure clear communication during the project. Details noted could include the extent of the work, desired timeline, and who is in charge of cleanup and waste disposal. The more relevant information, the more accurate bids you can receive from professional painting contractors in Denver, Colorado, because they will better understand the scope of work. 

Test Colors and Choose Your Favorite 

Finding the exact perfect shade for your residential painting in Denver, Colorado, can be daunting. Luckily, our Brush Strokes Painting team can help match your dream color in low- or zero-VOL paints. We are happy to assist you in choosing paint colors. However, remember that painting contractors are specialists at painting, not color consultants. Employing a color consultant for this job phase could be preferable if you are looking for a complex color scheme.

Ask your in Denver to create a sample panel if you intend to use paint effects or textured finishes. This allows you to see the final product and make adjustments as necessary, such as extra coatings, to match your dream vision. 

Prep For Painters

Is there anything you need to do before beginning your residential painting in Denver, Colorado? In a nutshell, yes! There are some things you can do to better prepare for your residential painting in Denver, Colorado. Doing what you can to prepare the space before your arrive will help streamline the process. 

As the homeowner, ensure no clutter on your property that could inhibit your residential painting in Denver. Items on the floor should be moved as well. Brush Strokes Painting’s professional residential painting contractors in Denver will carefully cover your space and belongings with drop cloths and other protective methods. Create as much space in the room as possible for the painting contractors to move around, erect ladders, and get supplies. 

Remove any art pieces or small shelves on the walls you want to be painted. By removing sentimental items yourself, you will know that they are correctly stored for the duration of the residential painting in Denver process. If you have built-ins that are unable to be moved, it is acceptable to have the painters paint around them.

Professional will come to your home with the necessary supplies to complete their painting job. This can include items such as drop cloths, brushes, booties, rollers, sprayers, trays, and others. Our technicians will also do all surface prep work like scraping, sanding, and power washing.

What to Expect from an Excellent in Denver, Brush Strokes Painting

When you are ready to begin your residential painting in Denver, Colorado, you can expect a few things from a professional painting contractor company. 

  1. Free Estimates – We provide a line-by-line estimate before you sign anything with Brush Strokes Painting. Your residential painting in Denver’s price will never come as a surprise to you. 
  2. Quality Products and Workmanship– Our painting contractors are trained to the highest standards in the industry and combine them with a passion for craftsmanship to create a quality finish that lasts. 
  3. Flexible Scheduling- At Brush Strokes Painting, we value your time. After going over your free estimate, you are guaranteed a start date for your project within three weeks, if desired. We promise to work quickly and effectively around your schedule with minor inconvenience. 
  4. Budget Friendly– All needed materials are included in your estimate. With our transparent pricing, you will always know what to anticipate as the residential painting in Denver evolves. 
  5. Complete Cleanliness– We take great pride in our attention to detail and respect for your property. Your furniture and floors will be covered during the project. We promise that anything you did not hire us to paint will remain in the exact condition it was when we arrived.

Hire Brush Strokes Painting for Your in Denver, Colorado

Brush Strokes Painting is Denver’s finest  Our residential painting in Denver, Colorado, is unparalleled. The team is highly experienced with luxury homes up to 13,000 feet and eclectic original Denver homes. Interior painting requires an artist’s eye and the touch of an engineer’s precision. Expect superior quality when you work with Brush Strokes Painting for your residential painting in Denver, CO. 

All the paints we use at Brush Strokes Painting are low- or zero-VOL, minimizing the chemicals used in your home and the environmental impact. Our team respects your property while on-premise, utilizing booties to protect your floors, covering all furniture in the painted space, and thoroughly cleaning up when complete. You can count on the Brush Strokes Painting team of professional painting contractors in Denver to cover every detail during your residential painting in Denver. 

We strive for service that shines. Our mission is to provide you with exceptional customer service throughout your residential painting in Denver, Colorado. Top-quality residential painting in Denver, like ours, can only be accompanied by equally attentive customer service. Experience what hundreds of homeowners have when working with Brush Strokes Painting to bring your vision to life in your home. 

Reach out today for your free estimate. Brush Strokes Painting is Denver’s preferred interior and exterior painting. We look forward to seeing your project come together!