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As in fashion, paint color trends come and go. In 2022, there are several paint colors that are predicted to make their way into the limelight for residential and commercial applications. If you’re planning a Denver home painting project, the latest paint color trends can provide inspiration as you select the perfect shade for your living space. 

Paint Color Trends of 2022


Periwinkle is one of the colors expected to become a trending topic in 2022. As a member of the blue family, periwinkle is a purplish-blue color that gets its name from a plant. The periwinkle plant is a perennial, flowering herb that remains close to the ground and, as you likely assumed, has a distinct purple/blue color. 

If you love reminiscing on springtime or are looking to complement many of last year’s trending colors, such as rust and emerald green, periwinkle is an excellent choice. It can contribute to a calming atmosphere in bedrooms, home offices, and bathrooms. 


Relaxed neutrals were among the most popular paint colors in 2021, and that trend is carrying over into 2022 with terracotta. Terracotta refers to earthenware, or clay ceramics, and is an elegant yet welcoming shade. For a mudroom, entryway, or bedroom, terracotta can be paired with cream, green, and/or the color of sand for an earthy, bohemian look. Paired with pale wooden floors, this warm paint color will make your home distinct and beautiful.    

Feather Gray

Feather gray is an existing paint color from Benjamin Moore, but you can find similar options from a range of other paint brands. This understated yet unique shade can serve a range of purposes throughout your home. To add a sophisticated touch to a pale-colored kitchen, consider using feather gray to paint the cabinets. Or, visually expand your spaces with a feather gray accent wall that adds depth and aesthetic interest.  

Sage Green

Sage green is another color that evokes a calm, relaxed feeling. While sage has been a trending paint color for a while, its paler tones are expected to take the limelight in 2022. This versatile shade of green can be used to enhance almost any type of room in your Denver home, from the kitchen to the living room to kids’ bedrooms and everything in between. 

Pale Peach

Pale peach is the perfect complement to Millennial pink and other trendy pastels. A step above neutral tones, pale peach is an understated shade that can even boost your selfie game by casting a natural glow onto your face when you look in the mirror. To maximize this benefit, why not give your bathroom or bedroom a facelift with a fresh coat of light peach paint in 2022?


Jewel tones are always a striking addition to any Denver home. In 2022, teal will be the jewel tone of choice for modern interiors. While in fashion, teal is a blast from the past, this bold color choice can elevate interiors and add a sense of tasteful drama. That said, many shades of teal can be overwhelming across a large room, so we recommend pairing this color with crisp whites and pale grays to balance out your space. 


Mauve is a pale purple shade that’s in between pink and violet. Named after the mallow flower, which is called “mauve” in French, this subtle shade is ideal for cheerful yet chic interiors. It brings to mind the spring season and can give a playful air to rooms throughout your home. Like many of the color suggestions listed in this article, mauve pairs well with pale green shades. 

Black Accents

Black is a severe paint color choice for the average interior. But, used purposefully, black accents can give your interiors a dramatic flair. Paired with pale beige or cream, black can make a room feel cozier despite its severity. Painted onto cabinets, doors, or even an accent wall if you’re feeling bold, black will make your spaces feel contemporary in 2022.  

Butter Yellow

Yellow paint can quickly date a living space if it’s not used tastefully. In 2022, buttery shades of yellow are expected to be used to give homes a joyful, sunny atmosphere. To bring yellow interiors into the current day and age, it can be paired with pale greens and rich browns, along with eye-catching black accents. 

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