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Recently, people around the world have been adapting to working from home, rather than in an office setting. This change has an impact on all different factors, namely work/life balance and productivity. But, rest assured: with a home office that’s set up for success, you can thrive as an at-home worker.

Part of creating a stellar home office is painting the walls an optimal color. Colors have significant emotional effects, and you may be surprised at how much a well-chosen paint color can impact your at-home workday. 

Here, we’ll walk you through the best paint colors for your home office in Denver. By simply changing the color of your home office, you can promote all-day productivity. 

The Emotional Impact of Color

Colors, including the colors of the walls in your home, affect how you feel. By evoking certain emotions and moods, color can be a powerful tool in setting the tone of any indoor space. Plus, despite their ability to completely transform a room, home painting projects are affordable and can typically be completed quickly. So, having well-coordinated paint colors throughout every room is an attainable renovation for any homeowner. 

So, in choosing the best possible color to paint your Denver home office, it’s important to consider your ideal work mindset. How do you want to feel when you’re working? Mostly, people aim to feel focused, productive, calm, and clear-headed as they work. By painting your home office walls with colors that promote these feelings, you can get more done and avoid stress throughout the workday. 

Our Top Home Office Paint Colors

Pale Blue

Pale blue is a cool, calming color that can create a tranquil atmosphere in your home office. This paint color choice is refreshing for an energizing boost, but is most effective in helping at-home workers relieve stress. Pale blue walls can help put your mind at ease so that you can handle whatever the workday throws at you. Plus, staying calm will help focus the mind so that you can stay productive in the home environment. 


Off-white is a reliable choice for a beautiful home office. It offers an understated elegance that’s both clean and calming. This popular paint color is also ideal as a neutral; it will coordinate well with any furniture and decorations that you place in your home office. This provides you with greater freedom in the interior design of your office. 

If you choose off-white for your home office, it’s important to remember that a soft white is what you’re after. A true, bright white will likely be too harsh for your Denver home office. 


Teal is a balanced combination of blue and green. This color is both soothing and sophisticated, making it a stellar choice for any modern home office. It promotes mindfulness and focus while being a more unique paint color choice than typical blues and whites. 

There’s no denying that teal is a bold paint color choice for an entire room. If you want a more subtle look, create a teal accent wall and use off-white for the other walls. Or, choose teal furniture and decorations for your home office. 


You may not first think of brown as a good choice for your home office. But, brown is a powerful choice to create a productive, motivated atmosphere. Brown offers neutral warmth and is ideal in rooms with plenty of natural light, to balance out the dark undertones of any brown hue. Additionally, brown is an excellent alternative to more traditional neutrals for homeowners who are looking to switch it up. 

Light Yellow

Yellow is a bright, energizing color that can help you get to work in the morning without dragging your feet. Also, yellow naturally incites feelings of optimism, which is an excellent benefit for any at-home worker looking to stay motivated. We recommend soft yellow tones for your home office to balance out the color’s inherent brightness. Accenting yellow with soft whites and browns is also a great choice for a bright, productivity-boosting home office design. Still unsure as to the best paint color for your home office? Reach out to Brushstrokes Painting Company – we’re here to help with all of your home painting questions in Denver and areas throughout Colorado.