Painting Contractors Denver

Are you planning to give your space a new look? Repainting the walls is one of the best ways to revive a space. Some people prefer doing the renovation on their own. However, painting a wall is more detailed than you might think. In order for your space to look its best, a specific set of skills is required. That is the reason why a lot of Denver house painters are here to assist.

Whether you are looking for painters in Denver for your residential or commercial space, here are some tips to make your search easier and convenient.

Always choose someone you feel is capable, experienced, professional, and trustworthy to handle your project. Starting with Brush Strokes Painting, you are sure to find the right painter for you!

Start with a Detailed Plan

To create a stress free experience (and also save time and money), there are a few details to know about the area you are repainting. Ask yourself the following:

Is it for the interior or exterior? Exterior painting is preferable during the spring and summer to avoid inclement weather; something to keep in mind.

How many rooms need to be painted? Is it for only one room or every room in the house? Budgeting is a part of any renovation. Larger spaces call for larger teams of painters. Knowing the dimensions of the space will ensure the appropriate size team.

Will the preferred date for the project affect your personal or work schedule? It does not have to! Painting contractors often require the presence of an adult from your household on the premises while doing the project. So, you can delegate this to any adult in your family who does not have activities that day.

And lastly, how long would you like them to finish the project? The size of the project affects the amount of time needed to complete the project. If you have a specific timeline in mind, know that it may be subject to variables, such as weather and construction within the space. 

Once you have all the above details, it will be easier to discuss with the painting contractor what you need and require for the project.

Look for personal referrals

As they say, experience is the best teacher. Even if you do not have experience yet dealing with any painting contractors Denver has, you can seek referrals from your friends, neighbors, or the local community on how you can find and choose the best one. For sure, they will share about the contractor they have worked with, especially if they have experienced the best service from them. It is a great assurance that you can have the same as well. Maybe they have even worked with us, here at Brush Strokes Painting! 

Read some reviews

There are many residential painters Denver has to offer, and all of them will claim they are the best among the rest. So aside from personal referrals from the people you know, you can always check reviews and testimonials from other people you do not know.

You can check online and see if the contractor has its social media page or website. From there, you can browse if they indeed have quality service or if they have received complaints, and maybe even see pictures of some of their work. You can better weigh your options from the reviews you will read – you may even find one from a project like yours.

Check License and Insurance

Now that you have referrals and have seen a lot of positive reviews, it is time to narrow your choices. The next box to check is if the contractor has a license and insurance. Knowing any damage is insured gives you an extra peace of mind while you entrust your property to others. 

To avoid problems, check if the painting contractor has a license to work either for residential or commercial properties. Make sure the license is up-to-date as well. 

When it comes to insurance and coverage, check if the company you will hire has a comprehensive business liability and worker’s compensation. So, if ever they encounter damages or other problems while working at your home, you will not need to worry as they can cover the costs without issue. You can rest easy knowing these are taken care of when you work with Brush Strokes Painting in Denver, Colorado.

Ask for Materials Used

Are you concerned about the brand or quality materials used for your property’s repainting project? You can ask your contractor about the painting materials they will use. In this way, you will find out the level of quality of the materials that will be used and in turn, the quality of your finished project. This can also hint towards if the price of their service gives justice to the materials they will use.

Quality materials typically last longer, withstanding harsher conditions. Remembering to take into account the location of your painting project (exterior, kitchen, play room, office) can ensure the quality of materials matches the use of the space. It will also save you budget in the long run.

Know the Warranty Inclusions and Exclusions

For extra peace of mind, knowing the warranty of the painting service will also help decide on which one to hire. Usually, companies offer a one-year warranty, while some have a three-year warranty.

Aside from the duration, also confirm the inclusions and exclusions. Does the contractor cover the labor and the materials or only one of those? Knowing the coverage of the service will make it easier for you if the contractor can meet your requirements or not.

Get a Quotation

Lastly, ask for a quote. To better help you weigh your options, you can get a quote from at least three painting contractors. With a quotation, you can have an estimate of the fee breakdown you will have to pay. It will also serve as a written copy to avoid miscommunications along the way, even after you have compared your options. 
Now that you have tips on how you can better choose and hire among the painting contractors Denver has to offer, it will be less stressful and manageable. To summarize, always choose someone you think is capable, experienced, professional, and trustworthy to handle your project. Answering the questions above will lead you to the best painting contractor for you! Reach out to us today, and let’s chat about your next project!