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Painting your home’s ceilings is a project that can refresh your interiors. If your ceilings are yellowing from age or if you want to try out a new paint color on your ceilings, a new coat of paint can work wonders. Denver home painting experts can ensure that your ceilings are painted impeccably and enhance the overall look of your home. 

What color should you paint your ceilings? What if your ceilings are textured? These questions, among others, can impact your painting project. Here, we’ll answer these questions and offer expert insight into painting your ceilings for the best possible result. 

Considerations in Painting Your Ceiling

Painting your ceilings will give your home a more modern, put-together look. However, before you head out to pick paint colors, there are a handful of factors to consider:

  • For the best results, your ceilings should have a flat, smooth surface. Popcorn texture is common in ceilings, but should be removed before your ceilings are painted. This texture can be scraped away, then sanded down and primed to be ready for painting. Your Denver painting team can take care of this process for you. 
  • Ceilings can become stained over time. Stains often stem from condensation in the attic or minor roof leaks. If your ceiling is stained, make sure to choose a primer with stain-blocking qualities. 
  • Before a ceiling can be painted, it needs to be cleaned. Otherwise, dirt, dust, and debris could get stuck in the paint.  

What Color To Paint Your Ceiling

You have many different options in paint colors for your ceiling. One of the main aspects to consider when you choose the paint color for your ceilings is the color of your walls. The color combination of the walls and the ceiling will impact the overall look of your space. 

Matching The Ceiling and The Walls

The most straightforward color option when you’re painting your ceilings is to choose the color that’s already on your walls. This is a smart, easy option if your walls are painted a light, neutral tone such as white, cream, or beige. 

Many homeowners who opt to match the color of their ceilings to their walls have home decor that they want to stand out. For example, if you have a large, striking, and colorful piece of wall art, having your walls and ceiling be a matching, neutral tone will make the wall art pop. 

That said, if your walls and ceiling match, the room may lack visual interest. This is usually the case only if the room is sparsely furnished or doesn’t have colorful accents. So, if you paint your ceiling the same color as your walls, just make sure to create visual interest with decor and/or furniture. 

Distinguish The Ceiling From The Walls

If matching the ceiling and the walls isn’t your style, you can opt for the exact opposite: Choosing a contrasting color for the ceiling. With a ceiling that’s painted a different color from your walls, light will travel through the room more effectively and attract attention to your ceilings. 

Homeowners who choose a different color from the wall for their ceilings should ensure that the colors are complementary. If the colors clash, the room may appear haphazard and lack sophistication. Complementary colors will bring harmony to the room.

White Ceilings

White ceilings are a classic choice for homes in Denver and beyond. While white may seem boring or predictable as the paint color for your ceilings, it’s often a great choice. White-painted ceilings can open up a room and make it seem like it’s larger than it actually is. Additionally, white paint effectively reflects light to brighten up a room and attract attention to the decor and furniture in the room. The ability of white ceilings to reflect light is especially beneficial in rooms that lack natural light. Plus, white ceilings can effectively be paired with just about any wall color, making it an excellent option for rooms with boldly-painted walls.

Contact Brushstrokes Painting in Denver today to learn more about painting your ceilings. With a fresh coat or two of paint, your ceilings will beautify your home.