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Updates to your property, whether home or business, can be a roller coaster of emotions. While many property owners enjoy doing home improvement projects such as painting the walls, there are moments when you need to call a professional house painting contractor. Interior commercial or residential painting is a great way to revitalize your home or business, or a necessity after a surprise home repair. Hiring a professional painter can guarantee a spectacular finished project regardless of the reason that brought you to renovations.  

When searching for a professional painting contractor in Denver, Colorado, you will find two different kinds of painting contractors. Residential painters and commercial painters are the two main painting contractors you can hire. The details and scope of your project will determine if you need to hire a residential painter or commercial painter.  

For those renovating your spaces in the Denver metro area, be sure to glance at our last section in today’s article. Brush Strokes Painting is a local, licensed, professional painting contractor in Denver, ready to bring new life into your space. Find out more about our professional painting services in Denver, Colorado, at Brush Strokes Painting below! 

For now, let us determine the differences between a residential painter and a commercial painter, starting with the scope of work and the definition of each.  

Table of Contents: 

  1. Why Hire a Professional Painting Contractor? 

  2. What is Residential Painting? 

  3. What is Commercial Painting? 

  4. What are the Differences Between Residential Painting and Commercial Painting?

  5. Residential Painting and Commercial Painting Contractors in Denver, Colorado  

Why Hire a Professional Painting Contractor?

Many of us shamelessly love an excellent do-it-yourself project around the house. However, there are times when a professional painting contractor is required. Both residential painting and commercial painting provide precision in the Painting that cannot be achieved without proper technique training and tools. Understanding what each finish will look like, a professional, licensed painting contractor like Brush Strokes Painting will walk you through the various options for your home’s renovation.  

At Brush Strokes Painting, we believe each paint job deserves application with the precision of an engineer and the touch only an artist’s eye can bring. That is why we ensure our staff is appropriately trained in all areas of residential Painting and Commercial Painting, as well as new techniques or finishes. We have experience in luxury homes up to 13,000 square feet and have worked with businesses across industries in Denver. Countless local businesses in the Denver metro area have trusted us with bringing their desired atmosphere to life within the walls of their commercial spaces.  

What is Residental Painting? 

A residential painter is a professional painting contractor licensed and trained in painting houses. Residential painters can paint both the interior and the exterior of homes. Services you can hire a residential painter in Denver, Colorado, like Brush Strokes Painting, include (and are not limited to) some of the following: drywall repair, wall painting, ceiling painting, fine staining, textured applications, and more!  

The type of house paint you choose ultimately impacts how it is applied. The equipment needed for a residential painter is dependent on the size of your home renovation. For a smaller project, such as a room or two inside your home, standard painting equipment such as a step ladder, brushes, rollers, and drop cloths. Painting the exterior of your home will require different equipment, largely dependent on the material making up the exterior of your structure. Tools used for exterior residential Painting in Denver could include giant ladders, extended rollers, or paint sprayers. Residential painting jobs often require a team of less than ten residential painting contractors.  

How to Hire a Residental Painter

Finding the right residential painting contractor to come into your home may seem overwhelming. However, the best way to hire a residential painter is relatively simple. Many companies offer free estimates and inspections of your home. Experts recommend you schedule estimates with 3 to 5 local painting contractors. Doing this will allow you to have multiple opinions and see the different plans of action, budget ranges, and projected timelines for your renovations. It will also give you organic opportunities to communicate with the professional residential painting contractor, getting a feel for what it will be like to work with each company.  

After comparing the estimates provided, you can choose the local residential painting contractor that is right for your home renovation. Having interacted with the company, you will feel more confident in your decision. When searching for professional painting contractors near you to set estimates with, we recommend two different ways to cast your net. First, there are many platforms on the internet that offer reviews from clients. Scanning a company’s reviews can give you an idea of who you are interested in exploring working with. It is also always suggested to reach out to your friends, family, and neighbors and ask about any recent residential painting experiences they have had. Recommendations from trusted sources are always the best place to start.  

Coloradans in Denver and the surrounding cities have trusted Brush Strokes Painting for their residential painting needs since 2013.  

What is Commercial Painting? 

The term commercial painter refers to any structural paint job covering an ample space that is not lived in. Spaces included in the commercial Painting could be an office, restaurant, or any number of businesses. Property managers and building owners are often the point of contact for commercial Painting when the building is already constructed. With structural renovations or new buildings, general contractors or real estate developers will reach out for commercial Painting. 

Commercial painting jobs require different equipment and team setups than residential painting projects. Since commercial painting jobs are often large-scale, the number of painters increases. Equipment is needed to reach high ceilings or efficiently paint large areas. You will likely see a pressure washer, paint sprayer, extended ladders, and extension tools for paint rollers at a commercial painting job site.  

One standout factor with commercial Painting is the focus on the materials. Commercial painting contractors often prioritize the use of the space when finalizing which product or finish to apply. Your area could require a finish designed for safety purposes, or you may want a custom mural to give customers a message or vibe. Whatever your vision is for your commercial space in Denver, Colorado, Brush Strokes Painting is here to bring it to life for you.  

How to Hire Commerical Painting Contractors

Hiring a commercial painting contractor is not much different from hiring a residential painting contractor. Receiving estimates and proposals from various local professional painting contractors is always the best way to find the right company to hire. At times, new construction will be posted, and commercial painting contractors will be asked to place a bid for the job. A bid can include costs, project timeline, color palette, and creative finishes.  

What are the Differences Between Residential Painting and Commercial Painting?

The differences between residential Painting and Commercial Painting are mainly found in the size and equipment needed to complete the project. Residential painting jobs often only require standard painting tools. In contrast, commercial painting jobs usually cover larger spaces and need equipment to reach higher and cover more areas efficiently.  

A residential painting contractor will always be used when painting a house, on the interior or the exterior. Commercial painting contractors will be hired for schools, hospitals, restaurants, and retail stores.  

Residential Painting and Commercial Painting Contractors in Denver, Colorado  

Denver, Colorado, boasts a growing metropolis area. With that growth, older homes are quickly being renovated with modern updates, warehouses are being turned into business spaces, and our city continues to flourish. Brush Strokes Painting is Denver’s finest painting contractor, whether you are looking to hire a residential painter or have a commercial painting project.  

We are a PDCA (Painting Decorating Contractors Association) Certified Accredited Contractor and put safety first in all operations. Our other certifications include OSHA 10 and OSHA 30, EPA Lead-Safe, SBE, and EBE. In addition, Brush Strokes Painting is fully licensed and insured in our state of Colorado and bonded for projects up to $1,000,000, giving you peace of mind no matter the size of your construction or renovation! Before, during, and after commercial painting jobs, you can find us adhering to all PDCA standards. 

At Brush Strokes Painting, we offer a variety of environmentally friendly paints and finishes. The professional-grade products utilized allow us to create nearly any shade to give you the perfect match to your desired mood on almost any surface. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to guide you through your finish and design options, finding the right product for your space.  

It is with confidence Brush Strokes Painting offers a customer satisfaction guarantee. We believe in working honestly, and fairly, and hold your space in the highest regard. You can expect Brush Strokes Painting to respect your property throughout the residential or commercial painting process. Reach out and find out why we are Denver’s top painting contractor! Call us today at (720) 398-9689.