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More than 12 million tons of furniture and furnishings are taken to landfills each year. 

People typically throw furniture away when it gets broken, the paint is chipped, or it looks worn out.

Instead of tossing these pieces in the trash, you can transform them into something new. 

Continue reading to discover some of the best tips for people who want to paint wood furniture! 

1. Prime Your Furniture

One of the most important tips when learning how to paint wood furniture is to use a primer.

Primers are used to help prevent staining the original pieces and blending the colors. Using a primer will give you a smooth surface to paint on that will make the color look as vibrant as possible. 

A good primer will prep, seal, and protect your wood furniture. 

2. Know Your Options

Before getting too far into your project, you will want to know all of your options and select your preferences.

An important decision that you will have to make involves painting furniture to make it look new and flawless or older and distressed. Depending on the style of furniture you want, you will have to get different paints and finishes. 

You will want to figure out how imperfect or unique your furniture will be. Choosing an option can help guide you through the remainder of the project. 

3. Get a Smoother Surface 

If you want painting furniture to be easier, you must soften the surface and smooth it down.

You can lightly sand your furniture to get rid of knicks and damage. This will help get rid of any flaws and make painting easier. With a sanded surface, the wood can absorb the paint thoroughly. If, however, you are going for a worn-out look, you may want to skip on the sanding and maintain a rough appearance. 

4. Use a Roller

When painting furniture most people imagine using a paintbrush.

One of the best tricks you can try is to use a foam roller on larger surfaces. This will cut down your time on painting and will leave a more flawless look. Try using a roller on doors, tables, and trim!

Use a roller with these trending interior paint colors!

5. Get Good Brushes

To make painting easy, you must buy quality brushes that won’t ruin your projects. 

Cheaply made brushes can leave bristles in your work and create unwanted brush strokes. Although flawed brushes may help make furniture painting look more worn, it won’t create a smooth surface.

The better quality your brushes are, the more durable they will be and you won’t have to get replacements.

Paint Wood Furniture Like a Pro 

Learning how to paint wood furniture can be a handy skill and save you a lot of money.

Instead of looking at old beat-up furniture as junk, it can be a painting opportunity for you to transform. Utilizing these tips can help you create a better finish on your furniture and fully show its colors. 

Don’t be afraid to start small and work your way up; you will learn as you go. 

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