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As a longstanding tool for painting surfaces, a paint roller is commonly selected for home painting projects. Whether you’re painting a wall in your Denver home, a piece of furniture, or even the floor, a roller is both convenient and reliable. 

To get the most out of your paint roller, there are a few tips to consider as you begin a painting project. In this article, we’ll discuss our best tips for painting with a roller, as well as the main benefits of this painting tool. 

The Benefits of Painting With a Roller

Paint rollers are a popular painting tool for several reasons. By choosing a roller for your painting project in Denver, you’ll enjoy these helpful benefits:


Compared to other types of painting tools, rollers are durable. This means that when you purchase a paint roller, you can trust that it will withstand your current and future painting projects. Especially if you have an extensive painting job to complete, a roller is a reliable choice.

Range of Materials

Paint rollers come in a wide variety of materials. Different materials produce different results, and some material types are better suited to certain paints than others. For example, a synthetic roller is the best option for acrylic paints. 

Here are the main types of materials used to make paint roller covers:

  • Velour
  • Polyester/polymers
  • Felt
  • Foam rubber
  • Mohair 
  • Animal fur


Paint rollers can cover a large area in one pass, making them a remarkably efficient painting tool. Opting for a roller will save you both time and energy for any home painting project in Denver. When you compare a roller to a paint brush, the roller will cover hundreds of brushstrokes in just one pass. 

Even Coverage

Achieving an even coat of paint as easily as possible is a goal in any painting project. By using a paint roller, you can evenly cover your painting surface for a beautiful coat. Additionally, paint rollers prevent smears for a cleaner, crisper end result. 

Tips For Painting With a Roller

To achieve a gorgeous painted surface using a roller, it’s important to use it properly. As with any painting tool, there’s a method for using a roller effectively. Below, we’ll cover the main tips to remember as you paint with a roller. 

Prepare The Area

First off, you’ll need to prepare the area that you plan to paint. Set drop cloths around the area to ensure that paint doesn’t get on the floor (if you’re painting a wall). Take small pieces of furniture and other items out of the room. Cover anything that can’t be removed with sheet plastic. To make sure that the sheet plastic stays in place, apply painter’s tape. 

Additionally, use painter’s tape to achieve crisp edges on your painted wall. The tape should line the surfaces that won’t be painted, such as the ceiling and the baseboards. A paint roller won’t create perfectly straight edges on its own, so using painter’s tape is important to the quality of your paint job. 

Load The Roller

Next, load your roller with paint by immersing it in paint. Take your time – the roller should absorb the paint like a sponge. But, make sure not to immerse the roller past the cover. This will transfer too much paint to the roller, which will make it drip. Make sure to gently roll the roller cover over the edge of your bucket or paint tray before moving to the wall. This will remove excess paint and, again, prevent drips. 

Paint Upward

Our next paint roller tip is to use an upward stroke. Sweep the roller upward from the bottom of the wall. But, make sure not to start at the very bottom – your first stroke should begin about a foot from the baseboard.

Your stroke should be gentle. Don’t use too much pressure, as doing so could make the coat of paint uneven. As you paint, move up and down toward the corners. This motion will create an even coat of paint and cover the wall quickly. 

Be Quick

Ideally, you should roll over a stroke that’s still wet. By applying new paint to wet paint, you’ll achieve a more even coat. This tip requires you to move quickly, which will lead to a uniform look. 

With these tips in mind, you can successfully complete all types of paint jobs with a roller.

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