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When it comes to painting, your bathroom is a blank slate that you can get creative with. As a small space, the bathroom can be transformed with a single painting project. Your home’s master bathroom presents the perfect opportunity to tap into your inner interior designer and create a space that’s wholly “you”. 

Your bathroom can command attention or calm the senses, all depending on the paint color that you choose. To give you a spark of inspiration, we’ve compiled some of our favorite paint colors for the master bathroom. This Denver residential painting project will spice up your home and impress your guests without costing much time or money. 

Considerations For The Master Bath

The master bathroom is a unique space. There are a few things that you can consider before selecting a paint color, including:

  • The master bedroom

The master bedroom and the master bathroom are, obviously, linked. This provides you with the option to coordinate the paint colors of the two rooms. Do you want these two rooms to closely match in color? Or, do you want the two to be painted separate yet coordinating colors? The choice is yours. But, certainly, take the color of your master bedroom into account. You don’t want the paint colors of these two rooms to clash, given that they’re viewed as a set. 

  • Consider contrasting colors

Contrasting the colors in your master bedroom and bathroom can create an interesting, eye-catching look. However, make sure that the colors contrast – not clash. For example, a beige bedroom paired with a light blue bathroom is an attractive combination that will counteract a monotonous feel. 

  • The style of the fixtures

Does your master bathroom feature sleek, modern fixtures? Or, do the fixtures have a vintage feel accented by detailed moldings? The style of the fixtures in your master bathroom should guide your choice of paint color. Colors are powerful in inspiring feelings and creating impressions. Ensure that the existing style of your bathroom will blend seamlessly with your chosen paint color to create a harmonious space. 

Bright Colors

No one can argue with the appeal of a bright, sparkling clean bathroom. By selecting a bright color for your master bathroom, you can give the room an expansive and timeless feel. 

Bright White

Bright white is a classic pick for bathroom walls, and it’s not hard to see why. Bright white has a universal appeal for the master bathroom and creates a simple yet classy look. Additionally, bright white walls will open up your master bathroom and make it feel larger. 


If bright white is too traditional for your taste, a bright orange could be a great pick for you. Whether as an accent wall or the entire room, orange is sure to wake you up in the morning and can even have mood-boosting effects. Especially when paired with master bedrooms that have a modern, funky feel, orange is an excellent paint selection. 

Light Colors

Light hues are naturally beautiful in just about any room in your home, including the master bathroom. Many homeowners choose light-colored paint for their master bathrooms to create a calming atmosphere. 

Light Blue

Light blue is a classic pick for bathroom walls. This shade evokes thoughts of clear, sparkling water and cloudless skies. It’s also complementary to many other shades, especially darker blues, teals, and purples. This makes light blue a smart pick for boldly painted master bedrooms. Consider pairing light blue walls in the master bathroom with gold and white accents for a classic, regal style. 


Beige: It may not be your favorite color in the rainbow, but it can be highly effective as a paint color for the walls of your master bathroom. Beige goes well with just about every other color. This makes it an excellent option if you have colorful wall art or other pops of color in your master bedroom and bathroom. 

Dark Colors

Emerald Green

Emerald green is our go-to pick for dark master bathroom colors. Dark colors are difficult to pull off for interiors, as they can close off the space. But, emerald green can contribute an elegant, bold look to your master bathroom. This beautiful jewel tone will make your master bathroom a unique and attention-grabbing part of your Denver home. Contact Brushstrokes Painting today for help with your next Denver painting project.