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If you have guests visiting your home in Aurora, you want them to be as comfortable as you are in your own home. Hosting guests is a joy for many, and one of the keys to successful visits is a wonderful guestroom. If your guest is staying for a single night or multiple weeks, the quality of your guestroom will make an impact on the quality of their stay. 

One of the simplest ways to revamp your guestroom is to give it a fresh coat of paint. You have many options available to you when it comes to guestroom paint colors. As your Aurora home painting specialists, we’re here to help you select the perfect color for your guestroom. We’ll also provide extra tips for making your guestroom a beautiful escape for all of your guests. 

Guest Room Paint Color Ideas

Blue-and-White Combo

Blue and white are a classic combination that can work wonders in your home’s guestroom. This color pairing is gender-neutral, classic, and calming. Plus, blue and white give you a number of complementary decor options. Whether you want to create a seaside vibe or an elegant victorian theme, blue and white walls will give you the freedom to be creative.  

Calming Neutrals

For a guestroom that appears clean and calming, a combination of soft neutrals is a smart choice. Off-white, soft beige, and pale brown paint can all give your guestroom a relaxing feel that can appeal to any guest. Accent the neutral walls with deep, warm hues in accent pillows, wall art, and throw blankets. 

Three-Color Combination

To spice things up in your guestroom, consider combining three different paint colors for a fresh take on the classic bedroom. For example, white, blue, and green can create a vibrant yet modern space for your guests to unwind. Throw in a bright red with two neutral tones to concoct an interior design that’s both visually-striking and balanced. With so many paint colors available, you can make your guestroom wholly original while still appealing to guests of all types. 

Cheerful Yellows

Gentle shades of yellow paired with bright white is a sunny, cheerful paint combo for your guestroom. This springtime color pairing is reliable and sure to please. 

Rustic Vibes

Especially here in Aurora, Colorado, giving your guestroom a rustic spin is a fun way to welcome your guests to the Centennial state. Wood accents and deep, wintery paint tones (such as burgundy and hunter green) will give your guestroom the feeling that it’s settled in a charming mountain town. Especially for homes that have a mock-log cabin theme, a rustic guestroom is sure to put a smile on your guest’s face. 

More Guest Room Tips

While Aurora home painting is our specialty, we know that it takes more than a few coats of paint to make your guestroom truly shine. Thought and care go into any great guestroom. Here are our top tips to revamp your guestroom after it’s been painted!

  • Nix the clutter

Clutter is the enemy of a beautiful guestroom. Removing clutter from the room will make it a more relaxing space for your guests. The space should appear thoughtful and organized, not as though it’s serving as an extra storage space for your belongings. So, channel your inner minimalist and get rid of all of the clutter in your Aurora guestroom. You may be surprised at the enormous improvement a bit of organization can make. 

  • Make “restful” your priority

Ultimately, your guestroom serves as a place for visitors to relax and get a great night’s sleep on their trip. So, your guestroom should exude calming, restful vibes. Focus on making the bed as comfy and welcoming as possible. 

  • A desk is a thoughtful touch

While all guestrooms have a bed as the centerpiece, additional furniture can take your guestroom from good to great. A desk, in particular, can elevate the room with additional functionality. With a desk, your guests can take some personal time in their room after socializing to read, reply to emails, or write an entry in their travel journals.

Are you ready to take your guestroom to the next level? Contact Brush Strokes Painting in Aurora today to get started on your home painting project.