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Are you repainting your house? Or maybe you just need to up your DIY toolbox? We’re here to help with a guide to all the house painting tools you need for your next project. Keep reading to see what tools your missing that could make this job less of a hassle. 

Keep It Clean With the Painting Tools 

Tape is a painter’s special tool for mess-free, clean lines. Make sure you’re using the best of the best, we recommend ScotchBlue Tape with Edge Lock. This tape is made for painting and keeps paint out to produce sharp straight lines. 

To make the task of taping easier on yourself, use a tape dispenser like the Pro Masker 2000. This helpful tool will take time off taping while still creating meticulous lines. 

For the more difficult spaces, such as painting trim, using a drywall tape knife can help when tape cannot. To use this tool, you push the knife under the baseboard and paint. The knife will catch any dripping, so it’s a good idea to wipe it off every once and a while so that you don’t have clumpy dry paint buildup. 

Another way to avoid dripping is to use a heavy-duty non-slip drop. This product from Scotch Blue is great because it’s waterproof, light, and reusable. The mat is made from a material that will keep you from slipping, and also folds up nicely, taking up minimal storage space. 

Best Brushes and Pans 

Having great brushes is key in making sure your final product looks sleek and amazing. Spending a little more on good brushes, such as those from the brand Purdy, can pay off as these brushes will last much longer. Make sure you clean your brushes correctly so that they hold there shape. 

Another great way to keep your nice brushes protected is with a paintbrush cover. Not only does this keep your brushes protected, but it also works well for breaks in between painting.

Acting like Tupperware for your brush, it will keep your paintbrush wet and ready to use for hours. Letting your brush stay out can damage it with dry, unremovable paint, and cleaning your brush multiple times a day can get annoying. Save time and money with this helpful tool.

When it comes to the best painting pans, keep it simple but also make sure you have one with hooking legs. This can be really helpful, as the hooking legs hook onto your ladder, perfect for easy access when painting higher spaces. Pro tip: wrap your metal pan in a plastic bag before every use, for a quick and easy cleanup. 

House Painting Tools That Every Painter Needs

When it comes to a big painting project, having these helpful house painting tools can make your painting better and less stressful. Make sure you have these tools for your next painting project!

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