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Wallpaper is commonly associated with past eras. Since wallpaper hit its peak of popularity in the 1800s and early 1900s, wallpaper can all too easily look dated. But, as is the case with fashion trends, interior design trends often come back around. Wallpaper can now be used in modern ways to give interiors an unforgettable, eye-catching look. 

If you want to keep your Denver home at the cutting-edge of design, modern wallpaper is a fantastic choice. Here, we’ll discuss ways that you can make wallpaper an asset to your 21st-century interiors. With modern wallpaper applications, your home’s interior design will be taken to the next level. 

Opt For Neutrals. 

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be colorful. In fact, by picking a wallpaper in a modern neutral shade, such as beige or slate, you can create a chic room design. Neutral wallpaper is a smart choice if you have other colorful elements in the room, such as a brightly colored couch or vibrant throw pillows. 

A neutral wallpaper paired with brightly colored trim is also a charming visual effect to incorporate into your modern living spaces. A black and white wallpaper with pale blue trim, for example, will give any room personality. This unique look works well in living rooms and bedrooms that are aching for a unique style. 

Choose A Touch of Whimsy. 

Used in moderation, a whimsical wallpaper print can make any room in your home a one-of-a-kind space. Many wallpapers that are designed and made today feature graphics that appear to be taken straight from a fairytale. Whether you opt for bright florals, fine art-inspired prints, or even animal-themed designs, an “out there” wallpaper print can act as the visual focus of a room. 

To make sure that you don’t overdo it with a loud wallpaper design, consider using it for an accent wall. Then, choose a Denver paint color from the print for the remaining walls. This will give the room a sense of cohesion and ensure that the print doesn’t overwhelm the room. 

Create a Wallpaper Mural. 

Do you wish that you could have a mural in your home? If so, you can create the illusion of a mural with a smart choice of wallpaper. Some wallpaper designs, rather than having a repeating graphic, feature a large design that has the feel of a mural. This wallpaper choice can work wonderfully in a bedroom, where your personality really has a chance to shine. With a faux-mural on one wall, it will look like the design of your bedroom was slaved over when, in reality, the wallpaper is doing all of the work. 

Unconventional Wallpaper Applications

Wallpaper doesn’t necessarily be applied to your walls.

Backing for Storage Closets and Cabinets

For an updated look, apply wallpaper as backing to storage closets and cabinets. Make sure that the paint color of your walls coordinates with the colors in the wallpaper print so that the combination pleases the eye. Wallpaper-backed storage is an excellent way to add wallpaper to bathrooms and closets without making the room look busy or chaotic.   

Wallpaper As Wall Art

If you don’t want to commit an entire wall to wallpaper, but there’s a wallpaper print that you’ve fallen in love with, use it as wall art instead. Cut out a square or rectangle of the wallpaper and frame it, then hang it on the wall. This is an awesome solution if you want to showcase wallpaper in your home but prefer painted walls. Plus, by opting for this application of wallpaper, you’ll completely skip the often messy and time-consuming process of applying wallpaper. 

Wallpaper The Ceiling, Too

Want a wallpaper look that truly pops? For the bold homeowners among us, wall-to-ceiling wallpaper can have stunning results. To prevent darkening the room, this option is best used with light-colored wallpaper. Additionally, make sure to only use wall-to-ceiling wallpaper in rooms without too much existing decor. This wallpapering style makes a big statement, so you don’t want it competing with too many other design elements!

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