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Accent walls are a thriving design element for interiors today. With just a bit of paint, you can greatly enhance the look of your room, giving it a modern feel with depth and visual interest. But, when it comes to accent walls, it’s easy to take a misstep. The color and the wall must be selected carefully, given that the accent wall will undoubtedly draw people’s attention. The accent wall should beautifully complement the room, not distract from the interior as a whole. 

Here, we’ll discuss how to create an accent wall as your next Denver home painting project. 

Choosing The Ideal Accent Wall

The first step in painting an accent wall is choosing the wall that will act as the accent. This can be a tougher choice than you’d first expect, with many factors to consider. Here are our top tips:

  • Aim to put your accent wall in a room that receives plenty of natural light. When accent walls are placed in small rooms, it can make the room seem less spacious. 
  • Accent walls are eye-catching, so one may be distracting in an enclosed space. For the maximum benefit, put an accent wall in a larger room of your home. 
  • The wall that you select to be the accent wall shouldn’t be obstructed by large pieces of furniture. Obstructions would diminish the visual impact of the accent wall. 
  • As a rule of thumb, consider the wall that first catches your eye when you walk into the room. This wall is likely the best choice for an accent wall. 
  • Don’t choose an accent wall that’s entirely bare. A small piece of furniture in front of the accent wall or a centered window on the wall will improve the balance of the room so that it’s aesthetically pleasing. 

Selecting an Accent Wall Paint Color

When it comes to picking out a color for your accent walls, there are many factors to consider. The purpose of the room, the style of the decor, and even the amount of natural light that the room receives can impact your paint color decision. 

That said, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite accent wall colors for Denver home painting. Consider them all before breaking out the paint rollers:

  • Deep blue

For a calming, elegant look, deep blue tones are excellent on accent walls. Blue shades are likely to complement the decor in your room and will enhance its look without being distracting. Especially in bedrooms and bathrooms, where a soothing vibe is key, a deep blue accent wall will work well. 

  • Pale yellow

Yellow is a bold choice to paint an entire room, but it pairs beautifully with white walls as an accent wall color. Pale yellow has a subtle yet cheerful look, making it a good option for home offices and kitchens. Plus, yellow tones can enhance the natural light in your home, making it a fitting accent wall color in rooms that are illuminated by the sun during the day. 

  • Teal 

Teal is a regal jewel tone that can add both excitement and sophistication to your space. Rich and vibrant, teal will add depth to an accent wall without darkening the room. Plus, teal can work well in rooms with a relaxed ambiance – especially the living room or guest room. 

  • Burnt orange

If a room in your home is in desperate need of a pop of color, burnt orange may work great on an accent wall. This unique paint color choice is best used in moderation, making it a wise accent wall choice. Also, similarly to yellow tones, burnt orange will enhance the natural light in your home for strikingly beautiful lighting throughout the day. 

Regardless of the paint color that you choose for the accent wall, make sure that it’s in contrast to the other walls in the room. A dark accent wall shouldn’t be added to a room where the other walls are dark, too. This will make the room seem dim and heavy, no matter how much natural light it receives.

For help with your Denver home painting project, contact Brush Strokes Painting today. Our experienced team will ensure that your new accent wall is painted impeccably.