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A black room might not be one of the hottest trending colors right now, but when done right, black walls can make an exciting statement for your room. 

Why would you want a room with black walls? A black wall can add a dramatic statement to a room with plenty of light. If you have a home movie theater, black walls can make your movie theater experience more legitimate. 

Painting a wall with black paint isn’t for the faint of heart! Here’s how to paint a room black and avoid a dark disaster.

Embrace It

Black is a bold statement when it comes to wall colors. It can be timeless and tasteful, but you’ll need to embrace the dark color for your walls. Timidly trying to make it work can leave you with a sloppy dark mess.

For best results, don’t settle for only one black accent wall. You’ll need to go all-in with all the walls in the room painted black. Use lighter accents to break up the darkness. 

Choose The Right Paint Finish

Paint comes in a variety of finishes. Different finishes accomplish varying effects in a room.

With black paint, choose a bone or flat finish for the main surface of your wall. Contrast trim or detail work with a gloss finish for contrast. If the room feels too overwhelming with flat black paint, add a pattern with a contrasting paint finish to give the room some depth and character. 

Paint it Evenly

While many colors and paint finishes can hide a multitude of painting flaws and mistakes, black paint can highlight small (and large) imperfections in your paint job.

When painting with black paint using a bone or flat finish, take precautions to paint your walls evenly. 

  • Choose quality paint. Low-quality paints can require several layers and dry with a streaky finish. 
  • Prep your paint surface. Scrape away old layers of paint or wallpaper. Sand uneven surfaces. Use a primer if your paint isn’t a primer-with-paint.
  • Paint one wall at a time. Don’t do your edging around the entire room, then go back to fill in the wall. Paint the edges, then apply a “W” shape in the middle of the wall to help spread the paint evenly across the wall. 
  • Use the right amount of paint. Too much or too little paint can cause it to dry unevenly. 

Black paint takes time and attention to detail. Clean drips around the edges as you go to avoid uneven lines that contrast against the white ceiling or floor edge trim. 

Master the Look by Knowing How to Paint a Room Black 

When choosing black paint, master the look by knowing how to paint a room black. Don’t rush the job! Complete the look with contrasting color accents and complementary lighting. 

Make residential painting easier with a painting contractor in Denver. Brush Strokes Painting can professionally paint a room black to add a classic yet dramatic look to your home. Contact us for a free estimate to create the look you want for your home!