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Are you ready to add a fresh coat of paint to your house? Are you thinking of doing it yourself? At first, doing it yourself is a common reaction when one thinks of changing the paint color on a wall. Of course, you may think about how much fun it will be, taking on a new shared project with a family member. Or perhaps you simply love the feeling of accomplishing a task. However, painting a wall requires techniques you may not even be aware of. To produce an excellent finished product, you’ll need to acquire fundamental painting skills. Or, instead of adding more things to your to-do list, you can look to the professionals. Here we will talk about finding the best residential painter to freshen up the look on your walls. If you are already committed to a renovation project in Denver, Colorado, Brush Strokes Painting is the professional residential painter for you


Benefits of Hiring a Professional Painter  

Hiring a professional painter provides you the peace of mind and assurance that your home will be painted beautifully at the end of your project. A professional painter comes with the training and expertise needed to complete your project and should follow the latest standard procedures in the industry of professional painters.  

Any professional painters will provide you with a detailed estimate that should include labor cost, the expected time frame to complete the project, materials costs, and recommended paint. In addition, a professional painter will always take care of details surrounding the preparation and cleanup of the project at hand. These details taken care of are things such as prepping the spaces, protecting your furniture, fixtures, and floors, and so on. 

Another benefit to hiring a professional residential painter for your next home renovation project is the quality guarantee. At Brush Strokes Painting in Denver, Colorado, we always say that interior painting requires “an artist’s eye and an engineer’s precision.” This is why all of our work comes with a warranty, ensuring your complete satisfaction. In addition to complying with your standards, we also make sure we meet PDCA standards with all of our clients.   

You can hire a professional painter for your project or do it yourself; the choice is yours. If you decide to go for an experienced professional, you are certain to have many options. We recommend following the process when searching for a professional residential painter in Denver.  

Top 3 Things to Do When Choosing a Professional Painter

Read a Minimum of Five Reviews 

There is almost no better way to gauge a company’s work than by the reviews they are given from real clients. If you do not have friends whose recommendations you trust, turn to online reviews.  

Reading between five to ten reviews will help clear the air while hiring a professional painter. First, glance at all the reviews in general, then pick one that speaks about something that resonates with you or a project that sounds similar to what you envision. The idea is to get the most diverse data set about the company while also determining if they are equipped to meet your renovation demands. Customer experience, timeframes, guarantees, and services offered are all aspects that you should pay attention to.

Reading negative reviews can also be helpful since it usually lets you learn how the company handled that specific situation. It is common for business owners to reply to negative reviews, explaining what happened or how they would like to solve the particular problem. 

Reading reviews will always give you a bit of an advantage as to what to expect from a particular company. Some of our customers mentioned making a little list of features they are looking for. Ex; friendly service, projects completed on time, budget, and so on. Going through reviews is almost like getting a taste of working with a company before reaching out.  

Get Estimates

Now that you have read some reviews and are familiar with different companies, it’s time to get some estimates. Estimates are one of the most relevant pieces of the project. A professional quote should be as detailed as possible. Mentioning timeframe, materials, prep time, labor cost, and other logistics. A professional estimate essentially provides you with a road map for the project.

It’s always recommended to get a minimum of three estimates before hiring a professional painter. Three estimates will give you sufficient data on the project and the cost in your area. Receiving an estimate from a company will also allow you to see how the professional painter operates. After obtaining estimates, it is time to make a decision. Compare estimates, ask questions and get a feel for the customer service that you are getting. Which company did you feel the best working with? Which company offers a satisfaction guarantee? Does any company have a better timeline for the completion of the project? These are all questions to ask yourself once you have estimates.  

Generally, professional painting companies offer estimates for free. This makes it easier for both the customer and the painter. On one side, the customer gets the road map for the project, meets the company, and gets a chance to ask questions. On the other side, the professional painter meets the customer, gathers all the data points needed for an accurate estimate, and has an idea of what the job requires. 

Click get to get a FREE estimate from a professional painter in Denver.

Review the Guarantee

Professional painters provide guarantees for their projects. This demonstrates a commitment to their quality of work. A job guarantee gives you peace of mind that the job will be well done. Ask your contractor about their warranties and what it covers. When receiving estimates, do not hesitate to ask questions on what will be covered by the guarantee offered and any stipulations surrounding it. Warranties can last anywhere from one to ten years.  

At Brush Strokes Painting in Denver, Colorado, we offer a satisfaction guarantee with our work. We offer the finest quality paint and use the latest techniques in the industry. Completing every project flawlessly is a goal here at Brush Strokes Painting, and our guarantee reflects that.  

Details to Ask your Professional Residential Painter About

The Quality of the Materials 

When choosing materials like primer and paint, it is best to get an expert’s opinion. Not all compounds work as intended on every surface. In addition, some surfaces might need to be treated before painting them. A professional painter can guide you through this process, telling you what each surface in your home requires. Finding environmentally friendly options, cost-efficient, and quality materials is part of the day-to-day professional painter. 

Our professional-grade products are environmentally friendly at Brush Strokes Painting in Denver, CO. These products offer us an abundant choice of palettes to match your dream color and design.  

Painting Prep

There are always a few things that need to be prepared for a professional painter’s visit. But no worries, there are not too many. A professional painter is likely to guide you through any prep needed from you before they arrive.  

Keep in mind that some professional painters will do the prep for you. They ensure that your furniture is protected, your floors covered, and more. It is also a good idea to know what has to be done on your end and what you can expect from professional painters. If everyone has reasonable expectations, the entire process will be more enjoyable. Be sure to ask about the preparation of the area during your initial estimate! 


Professional painters know how to protect and keep the house clean throughout the whole process. The professional painter should also handle the disposal of leftovers, used materials, and chemicals. It is all in the prep; the better the prep, the faster the cleanup. Professional painters go through many hours of training to prep their projects; this allows them to follow standard operating procedures that pay off at the end of the project. When the project is finished, your space should be back to how it was found (corners vacuumed for dust, and floors cleaned), just with a fresh new coat of paint!

Hiring a Residential Painter in Denver, Colorado

When searching for the right professional painter for you, start by creating a small plan. Remember the reviews, quotes, and questions. Go with a professional painter you think is trustworthy and meets the criteria for the job. Competitive pricing, final quality product, and customer satisfaction guarantees are the perfect formula for a great experience hiring a professional painter in Denver, Colorado.  

Brush Strokes Painting meets all of these standards and more. Check out the following statement from Brush Strokes Painting in Denver, CO:

“You can count on Brush Strokes Painting to pay attention to every little detail and to be aware of your furniture, rugs, floors, personal belongings, and collectibles. We will return everything exactly where and how we found it.”