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The paint covering the walls of our living spaces or offices not only extends the integrity of the area by also protects it from the elements. Your home is one of your grandest investments and deserves care just like you do. In addition, the paint in your house also affects your well-being. Naturally, as humans, we always feel better when our living areas are fresh and clean. A new coat of paint does that for you and your property in Arvada, Colorado.

On average, a house is painted every 3-6 years. Factors such as the type of paint, exposure, and surface type will determine how often a house or office should be painted. In addition, paint durability is also determined by exposure to the elements (exterior/interior) and the quality of the painting procedure when applied. When properly painted, exterior surfaces should last between 3-5 years, while the interior should last from 4-6 years based on usage. 

Hiring a professional painting contractor in Arvada to repaint your home or office will help you choose the best paint for the space. Let’s look at several factors that affect the longevity of paint in your Arvada home or office. 

Types of Paint for Arvada, Colorado, Homes or Offices

When painting a house, we must consider the type of surface we will paint on and the approach to use. After prepping the surface for paint, applying primer is usually the first step. Primer is applied first to help the paint interact better with the surface. In addition, the primer helps ensure the finished color shines through. 

Whether water or oil-based, always use the same base for both the paint and the primer. The Brush Strokes Painting team of professional painting contractors in Arvada can guide you through your paint options, ensuring you are left with precisely the look you are dreaming about. 


Oil-Based Paint

Oil-based paint is commonly used on surfaces that need to last in durability and color. A common choice for trims and moldings, oil-based paint is very resistant, durable, and shiny. 

While the oil-based paint creates great finishes, it also requires chemicals to be removed. For this reason, oil-based paint is an excellent option for surfaces that do not require painting frequently. Always work with a professional painting contractor to have oil-based paint safely removed from the walls of your Arvada property. 

Water Based Paint

Water-based paint is frequently applied to walls and ceilings. It comes in matte, high gloss, or eggshell finishes. This paint is very easy to remove and doesn’t produce the harsh smell and fumes that come with oil paint. Water-based paint may contain acrylic for bonding. Nevertheless, it provides a long-lasting, washable finish for interior and exterior surfaces in various colors and finishes, making it a popular choice. 

Specialty House Paints

By adding special chemicals to the paint, specialty purposed paint is created. Properties like anti-mold/mildew, fire retardants, or anti-condensation give the paint an extra layer of purpose. These paints may be required in specific building areas depending on local regulations. The professional painting contractors in Arvada, Colorado, at Brush Strokes Painting will be able to guide you through these local regulations. 

VOC is the Volatile Organic Compound a paint contains. Brush Strokes Painting professional painting contractors in Arvada only use low or zero VOC paint, giving you the safest options for your safe space. 

Signs that You Need to Paint Your Colorado House or Office

The condition of the surface generally triggers the need to be repainted. Once the surface of the existing paint begins to peel or crack, it needs to be painted as soon as possible to avoid the expansion of the damage. Paint cracks leave the surface exposed, thus creating the perfect opportunity for moisture and other elements to cause structural damage. Check your walls periodically and inspect the conditions of the paint. At Brush Strokes Painting, we provide free inspections and paint estimates for home and office buildings in the Denver metro area. 

Color choice is another common reason for repainting a house or office. An outdated color, renovations of the space, or wanting to change the color of the wall you see daily are all valid reasons to hire professional painting contractors in Arvada. Different colors are proven to have effects on human feelings and behavior. The next time you feel off, just look at the wall and ask yourself, “Does this color makes me happy?”.

Another reason for repainting your house is if you are selling it. When selling a house, applying a fresh coat of paint on the interior and exterior of the property is always recommended. A freshly painted house is fair for the new buyer but indicates trust and care on your part. 

What Color Lasts the Longest on Building Exteriors in Arvada, CO?

For exterior surfaces, we must consider the exposure to the elements, especially to the sun. Our elevated Colorado altitude gives us intense UV rays. 

Different colors absorb UV light at different rates. The more the color absorbs UV light, the faster it will fade. Lighter colors absorb little heat and fade slower than darker colors, making them the recommended shade choice when painting an exterior surface in Colorado.

What is the Best Kind of Paint for the Exterior of a House?

When painting exteriors, it’s always recommended to apply paint formulas that can endure weather and exposure. The most common paint formulas for the exterior are latex, acrylic, and oil-based. Some of these paint options are more durable than others and differ in price based on quality. The features and quality of your paint will affect how soon you will need to repaint. 

Latex paint is the least expensive option. It’s water-based, easy to apply, dries fast, and not difficult to remove if a change is required at the last minute. Latex paint contracts and expands based on the temperature. Latex paint is a good option when working with a budget or just wanting to freshen up some areas.

Acrylic paint is also available for the exterior. It is one of the best options in the market for exterior paint. Typically, acrylic paint is made with high-end chemicals that impact its viscosity. These chemicals are generally more elastic than water-based paint, thus being a better option for exterior surfaces exposed to the elements.

Oil-based paint is generally the go-to option for high-traffic areas. Compared to latex or acrylic, the oil-based paint type is the one that contracts less when exposed to heat. However, oil-based paint is very difficult to remove, requires harsh chemicals, and cracks faster than other paint mixes. 

Professional Painting Contractors in Arvada, Colorado 

Whether you want to refresh a space or repaint cracked paint, Brush Strokes Painting is the preferred painting contractor in the Denver metro area. Arvada homeowners and property owners have trusted Brush Strokes Painting since 2013 to bring new energy to their spaces. When you decide to repaint your space, working with a professional painting contractor will help you choose the best shade and type of paint for lasting impressions.