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The infinite number of color and sheen combinations you can make from house paints and the different finishes available can simultaneously be described as overwhelming and exciting. When you are repainting an area of your home, a planned renovation or not, it is an opportunity to give your space a new vibe. It is a moment when you can choose any color, with any finish, and have in that space momentarily. To better navigate the options that come when choosing your new perfect shade and sheen, here is a brief overview of the most common house paints and house finishes for both the interior and exterior.  

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Table of Contents: 

  1. Why does the House Paint and House Finish Matter? 
  2. Most Common Exterior House Paints and Finishes 
  3. Most Common Interior House Paints and Finishes 
  4. Full-Service Painting Contractors in Denver, Colorado 

Why does the House Paint and House Finish Matter? 

The house paint and the house finish you choose will either work together to create magic or work against each other. Some house finishes are resistant to fingerprints and perfect for an active area. In contrast, others would require repainting to remove the fingerprint. Other house finishes gracefully cover up blemishes on the wall while others highlight imperfections. The final look of your space depends on the paint color and house paint finish. 

Your home or building provides different functions. At times it is a safe space or a place to let your creative juices flow. It is also an investment. Using the proper house painting materials on your property will help maintain it for years. Additionally, the house paint finishes will have an impact on the value of the property.  

Now that we understand the value of picking the correct combination, let us dive into some of the popular house paints and finishes you will find on the market. Consulting with a local professional painting contractor is always recommended when you are ready to change the paint on your home. Brush Strokes Painting, a professional painting contractor in Denver, Colorado, will walk you through the house paint options to create your perfect feel.  

Most Common Exterior House Paints and House Finishes

The proportion of resins and binders within the paint’s pigment levels determines the sheen. While colors with high pigment levels provide a less reflecting surface, those with high resin/binder content produce a high-sheen, bright surface. Glossier house paints are generally more robust, and flatter house paint finishes are less so but provide better coverage. Experts recommend using at least two different house finishes on the exterior to create dimension. Here are the three most common groups of exterior house paint and house finishes you will find in Denver, Colorado. 

Glossy and Semi-Gloss House Finishes 

House paints with gloss in them are an excellent addition to any home. This sturdy house finish is ideal for high-traffic areas on the exterior of your homes, such as door trim or window frames. When applied to the side of the exterior, glossy paint finishes can leave a plastic-like look. It is easy to clean and makes an excellent house finish in busy areas. The drawback to glossy house finishes is the high-intensity sheen’s reflective nature highlights any space imperfections. Glossy and semi-gloss house finishes are frequently used to make a statement with design, highlighting features of the home. Occasionally you will find a glossy exterior house finish wrapping the entire home.  

Matte and Flat House Paints 

We have matte and flat house paints at the opposite end of the sheen spectrum. These house finish options are great for covering any imperfections in the walls. Flat house paint is highly porous and thicker; therefore, it covers more forgiving to the surface. However, matt house finish options are not easy to clean. They are best suited for spaces that are not frequently touched, such as a home’s exterior. The chalky feel and modern look matte house paints leave have made them a popular choice for homeowners. If you choose to put matte or flat house finishes in a high-traffic area of your home, know the best way to keep the walls clean is to add another layer of paint.  

Eggshell House Paints and Satin House Finishes 

Satin and eggshell house finishes are the middle road of house paints. Neither reflective nor completely flat, satin and eggshell house paints bring a subtle sheen to your space. Chalky to the touch, they offer the softness of a matte finish with a touch of waxy feel. Satin house paints are great for the exterior body of your home. Eggshell house finishes offer easy cleanup but will not withstand high traffic well. If you are set on a satin finish for a high-traffic area of your home, consider a deck satin house finish constructed to resist more wear and tear. All satin house paints should be mixed immediately before applying them to ensure an even color.  

Most Common Interior House Paint Finishes 

Changing the paint within your home can bring new life into a space. The paint you choose can set the tone for the room and invoke emotions. When deciding on colors, do a quick research on your final color choices and the emotional state they put the room in. Each house paint needs a finish, so here are the most common house finishes for the interior of your property. These house finishes are in order of shine, from none to almost reflective. 

Flat and Matte House Finishes 

Using a flat house paint or a matte house finish will give you grace by keeping imperfections on the wall hidden. However, flat and matte paint are more particular when cleaning as with the exterior house paint. Inside your home, matte house finishes absorb the light, softening the space. Matte and flat house paints are often used for ceilings, formal rooms, and offices.  

Eggshell House Paints 

Eggshell house paints are a popular choice for the interior of a home. While they are as forgiving as matte house finishes with imperfections, they are a bit easier to clean. The soft sheen of an eggshell house paint makes it great for spaces such as hallways or entryways. However, avoid using eggshell house paints in high-traffic interior spaces as they are not the most durable.  

Satin House Finishes 

House finishes with a satin sheen are considered the ‘just right’ middle of interior house paints and are the most common choice with homeowners. The pearl-like luster of a satin house finish is easy to clean, making it an excellent choice for areas like family rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.  

Semi-Gloss House Paints 

These shiny house paints are a fantastic choice for areas in your home that see a lot of hand prints (and the occasional crayon), such as playrooms. Semi-Gloss house finishes are durable and easy to clean, making them perfect for high-traffic areas. They will highlight brush strokes, so a paint touch-up down the line may look more like the repainting of the wall entirely.  

High Gloss House Finishes 

These fun house paints are durable and perfect for areas like trim, molding, and doorframes. Resistant to mold and mildew, glossy house finishes are also popular for bathrooms and kitchens. Glossy house finishes have an almost plastic, reflective sheen to them. High gloss house paints will show imperfections on the wall and brushstrokes. We recommend having a professional painting contractor that applies them.  

Full-Service Professional Painting Contractors in Denver, Colorado 

Brush Strokes Painting believes that painting your home is more than simply the color and the finish. To be the best professional painter, you must apply the paint with the precision of an engineer and an artist’s eye. For nearly a decade, we have been guiding homeowners and property managers as they bring new life into their spaces.  

The Brush Strokes Painting team has the knowledge and experience to give you a house renovation project that is fun. Our environmentally friendly house finishes and house paints give us the freedom to create the perfect shade and sheen you can only find in your imagination. For your safety and ours, our painting technicians are trained and certified in OSHA standards, along with the Painting Decoration Contractors Association (PDCA).  

For service that shines every step of the way, reach out to Brush Strokes Painting today. Our experience in commercial painting across multiple industries readily gives us the tools to transform your home. From chalkboards, murals, fabrics, and vinyl, your options when working with Brush Strokes Painting are endless. We are excited to hear the details of your vision for your home and bring your space new life!