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Wall Coverings

Denver Wall Coverings

By adding texture or color to your home or business, wall coverings can enhance the overall design of your interior and provide a point of interest in your home or building. Working with materials like fabric, vinyl, or composites, our team knows the proper methods and procedures for wall covering installations to ensure customer satisfaction.

Luxury Wall Covering Installation

For your custom home, consider your redocorating options besides interior painting. Our professionals are experienced at installing numerous types of luxury and custom wall coverings, instilling confidence in our customers.

Commercial Wall Covering Installation

For your restaurant, office space, hotel, gym, movie theater, or other commercial property, install vinyl, fabric, or other wall covering to provide a reliable and resilient material – a long-lasting investment. To showcase something unique, our team of Denver commercial painters install murals safely and effectively, putting our customers at ease.

Mid-Level Wall Covering Installation

Consult with the experts at Brush Strokes Painting to explore your redecorating options beyond painting. Our experienced team can guide you through the possibilities for your home, including composite walls, operable partition wall coverings, and vinyl writing surfaces.

For your multi-unit property or condo, contact your Denver painters at Brush Strokes for sound advice and expertise to transform your building this year.