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Refreshing the space within your Denver home or office with an accent wall is one of the quickest ways to change a room dramatically. From temporary wallpaper to geometric paneling designs, your creative options for an accent wall are endless. The professional painting contractors in Denver at Brush Strokes Painting are ready to help you make your dream accent wall your reality. Keep reading to learn how to create the perfect accent wall with your professional painting contractor in Denver. 

What is an Accent Wall?

The definition of an accent wall is an interior or exterior wall with a different shade, color, pattern, design, or material from the other walls around it. You can choose to accent a wall on the interior or exterior of your Denver building. An accent wall draws your attention to that area of the space. 

Accent walls can be utilized both in the home and professional settings. You can use accent walls in the house to display art or family photos, create texture, or separate an open space area. In a business, accent walls can communicate information about the company, guide guests, or create a vibe. 

When working with a professional painting contractor in Denver, Colorado, your accent wall aesthetic options are endless. With various finishes and artistic designs, the Brush Strokes Painting team will hear your vision and translate it into your space. 

Top Uses of a Home Accent Wall 

Inside your home, you can use the accent wall for many purposes. Here are some of the top uses for accent walls inside Denver homes. 

Display Wall 

Many accent walls in the home display meaningful items the owner would like to share with others. From favorite art pieces to trophies and awards, family pictures, and beyond, accent walls are the ultimate display place. The painting contractor team at Brush Strokes Painting can help you design the display wall of your dreams with built-in shelving and just the right shade of your favorite color. 

Add Texture to the Room 

Accent walls are a place where creativity abounds! Adding texture to a room makes it more welcoming, inviting you to spend time in it. You can utilize physical textures such as carpeting, vinyl, and fabrics to bring warmth into a space. Textured painting techniques, like sponging and brushing, are provided by our Denver painting services. With antique glazing and chalkboard paint among the many options, Brush Strokes Painting can help you find the right texture for the ambiance of your space.

Separate Space 

Open spaces or open floor plans often host different areas with specific uses in the same room. Creating an accent wall a preferred ways to separate the space, denoting which activity goes on in which area. Reading nooks, play corners, and dining areas can all be defined with an accent wall. 

Incorporate Color 

Painting one wall with color is a favorite way for homeowners to incorporate color without overwhelming the home. Neutral color schemes look great with muted accent walls; incorporate that color throughout the space in accessories such as pillows or artwork to pull the accent wall and the room together. 

How to Use an Accent Wall in a Commercial Space

Accent walls in commercial spaces such as office buildings, restaurants, and schools can all utilize accent walls the same way a homeowner might. There are also different ways to use an accent wall in a commercial space in Denver. Whichever way you choose to use an accent wall, remember that it should embody your brand. 

Mural Walls

Murals on the side of buildings are increasingly popular in Denver, Colorado, and around the country. A mural outside your facility will help consumers see your building from a distance. A recognizable mural that stands out can also attract organic traffic. 

Share Information or Guidance 

Accent walls are also areas where information or infographics are displayed or painted onto the wall by professional painting contractors in Denver. Lobbies, restaurants, and libraries frequently use accent walls to share information with guests. From giving directions to different areas to sharing menu items or a short story, informational accent walls can help your guests have the best experience as soon as they walk in. 

How to Choose the Best Wall to Accent in a Room in Denver

A favorite feature of accent walls is there is no wrong wall to accent! However, a few things to remember when choosing which room to accent. Here are the top things to consider when choosing which wall to accent. 

An Accent Wall Will Be the Focal Point of the Room

Where would you like people to be attracted to when they walk into the room? Are you competing with a spectacular view through the window? 

Shape and Size of the Walls in the Room

Oblong rooms and walls of a different angle often call for other accents. Have you considered using the fifth wall or the ceiling to change the vibe in your space? Working with a painting contractor in Denver like Brush Strokes Painting will help you utilize your space and highlight it so your area looks its best. 

Trendy Accent Wall Inspiration Ideas 

Bold Colors

Colors are your friend when it picking for accent walls. Bold, bright, black, metallic, and muted shades are all perfect accent wall color choices. The colors you choose can impact the attitude of your space, from your emotion to the amount of energy you feel. Working with a professional painting service in Denver like Brush Strokes Painting offers your the insight of a design team to help you work in your perfect shade. 


Wallpaper is back, maybe even to stay! When choosing wallpaper, the designs can set the tone for your space with just an accent wall. Modern or classic, abstract or custom, wallpaper offers design with every niche in mind. Many people choose brick wallpaper for the look and feel of exposed brick without extensive construction.

Mirror Wall

Making a wall of mirrors can open a small space, making it feel light and airy instead of tight and cluttered. One large mirror along the wall is just as trendy as creating a collage of smaller mirrors. 

Wooden Wall

Creating a wooden wall has endless opportunities. Shiplap walls are an excellent replacement for a headboard in a bedroom. Paneling along your wall can boost a flat space, creating depth in the room. Shaker shingles create a cozy atmosphere with their fun 3D texture. Geometric wooden mosaics, slat walls, or reclaimed plywood are all popular design concepts for wooden accent walls. 

Benefits of Using a Professional Denver Painting Service to Create Accent Wall

Choosing an accent wall and how to accent it can be overwhelming with the exponential options at your fingertips. Our team at Brush Strokes Painting will guide you through the process, seeing your space and hearing your vision for it before a brush is picked up. Reach out for your free consultation today and transform the space you live in.