Painting Contractors Denver

When beginning a major project to take over your space and add value to your building, the professionals can offer many other options other than paint. Consider the following additions to create a brand new environment:

Wainscoting, a wall covering that extends from the floor to the middle of the walls, can add character to any room. Even though it’s commonly found in white, it can be painted any color to fit your home and style. Wainscoting tends to be made from wood, but it doesn’t always have to be. It can be made from tile as well and looks fantastic in a bathroom, making a great water sealed seam.

Floor to Ceiling Tile
One way to make a wall really pop is to cover it in tile from floor to ceiling. It adds visual interest as well as texture. They are normally limited to one wall for an accent in a room. Multiple walls covered in tiles actually make your room sound hollow and can be visually overwhelming.

Vinyl Wall Coverings
Vinyl wall coverings are durable, washable, and textured. They come in almost any color and pattern you could want. It’s a great material to use to customize a room to have a unique feel. Another bonus is that it’s made with mildew inhibitors which make it a low maintenance material.

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