Painting Contractors Denver

Although every company has their own method and technique, a standard procedure for prepping a surface for paint should be followed by every company taking on such a project. Different projects can be more or less complex, but typically will always involve a few key steps:

  • Sanding and Cleanup: Like any home, a building’s exterior begins to experience wear and tear – and it will start to be obvious to the eye. The first step to take to prepare the surface for paint is to sand away all blemishes and chipping paint to remove any debris. This process should be given adequate time as it is incredibly important to start with a surface that will be receptive to the paint.
  • Washing: The walls must then be cleaned of all residue or dust left over from sanding. There will inevitably be a fine powder left on the surface once the sanding has been completed, which will build and disrupt the smoothness of the paint.
  • Gap Filling: After the surface has been properly cleaned, any dents, cracks, or holes must be sealed with caulk to ensure no seepage can occur and damage the paint. The result of this should be a smooth, paintable surface.

At times, these steps should be repeated – after caulking an area, sanding may be necessary to allow for an even surface, and should be followed by another cleaning prior to painting. Commercial painting companies Denver businesses can rely on use these methods as well as more thorough processes specific to the type of project to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Contact Brush Strokes Painting for your next commercial painting project and let the experts be your guide.