Painting Contractors Denver

Are you ready to revive your commercial space? Still wondering where to begin? Then you are in the right place. This article will go through the most common questions about commercial painting in the Denver metro area. 

If you are ready to hire a commercial painting contractor near Denver, consider Brush Strokes Painting. With over 120 years of experience across the collective of our leadership team, Brush Strokes Painting brings knowledge from the perspective of residential and industrial construction, a general contractor, professional painting, staining, and wall finishes, to your project. 

Keep reading to know what to ask when hiring a commercial painter in Denver, questions about project specifics, and general information about commercial painting contractors in the Denver metro area. 

What is a Commercial Painting Contractor in Denver? 

A commercial painting contractor in Denver, like Brush Strokes Painting, is a professional painter equipped and able to paint commercial buildings. Commercial buildings include a school, hospital, office, bank, large residential complex, stadium, restaurant, boutique, and many more. General contractors, property managers, property owners, and real estate developers are some people who hire commercial painting contractors. 

Commercial painting contractors hold separate professional painting knowledge from residential painters. Commercial spaces often come with different needs, regulations, and ordinances. 

Why Should I Hire a Commercial Painting Contractor in Denver, Colorado? 

Hiring a commercial painting contractor is beneficial for many reasons. Upgrading and updating your space can impact your revenue for years to come. The outside of your building is your first impression to potential clients or members. Installing an informational mural inside your space can help traffic flow, inform consumers, and guide their experience to work efficiently with your staff. 

Commercial painting contractors in Denver, like Brush Strokes Painting, work with the expectation that we are laying down the foundations for your company to stand through the coming years. Most commercial spaces are repainted or redecorated every five to ten years, much less frequently than the average home interior.

When you hire a commercial painting contractor near Denver, you are choosing to invest in your space and brand. A professional commercial painting contractor is equipped with the best tools, supplies, experience, and knowledge to handle the specifics your industry calls for. Brush Strokes Painting is the top commercial painting contractor in the Denver metro area.  

How Do I Hire a Professional Commercial Painting Contractor in the Denver Metro Area? 

Hiring a commercial painting contractor in Denver can seem like an overwhelming task. Follow these tasks to make finding the best painting contractor for you a stress-free experience: 

  • Ask your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family for recommendations on local painting contractors. They may have a similar property. 
  • Read reviews on different platforms, and note which companies stand out to you. Is there a project similar to yours reviewed? 
  • Schedule free estimates with a few commercial painting contractors in Denver, like Brush Strokes Painting. Having estimates done allows you to compare your top companies hands-on. Experience a glimpse of what it would be like working with each company. 
  • Use the following questions to fill in the details during the estimates with commercial painting contractors in Denver.
  • Compare the commercial painting contractors you chose. Which estimate fits your budget? Is there a timeline that works best with your schedule? Was one company a joy to work with? 
  • Make your choice! Choose the commercial painting contractor that works best for you, and enjoy the process of updating your commercial space. 

Questions to Ask a Commercial Painting Contractor in Denver During Interviews

On the hunt to discover the best commercial painting contractor in Denver for your next project? Here are some recommended questions to ask each company as you search for the painting contractor to hire for your commercial space. 

Is Your Commercial Painting Company Licensed, Insured, and Bonded? 

Ensuring the painting contractor you hire is appropriately licensed, insured, and bonded can give you peace of mind as the project is completed. Working with a professional commercial painter in Denver with these requirements met means the company has it covered if anything were to happen while working on your space. 

Brush Strokes Painting, Denver’s premier commercial painting contractor, is indeed bonded for projects up to $1,000,000, fully insured with all licenses. We also hold the following safety certifications: EPA Lead-Safe, OSHA 10 and OSHA 30, SBE, and EBE.

Is Your Company a Member of a Painting Contractor or Trade Organization? 

Knowing which organizations a commercial painting contractor is a part of can help you understand their level of commitment to their craft. When you work with an organization, the painting contractor must meet specific standards to qualify. Brush Strokes Painting in Denver proudly holds the following certifications: International Facility Managers Association (IFMA), Association (IFMA), and Painting Decorating Contractors Association (PCA). 

Will You Provide a List of Client or Project References? 

Looking at previous projects performed by the commercial painting contractor you are considering can give you an insight into how the final product may look. There may be a similar commercial painting project where you can review the quality of the work. 

Brush Strokes Painting is happy to show you our commercial painting portfolio near Denver. Referencing past projects gives you a glimpse into our range of commercial painting services provided. You can enjoy viewing our commercial painting gallery on our website, too. 

Can You Provide an Estimate? 

Commercial painting contractors near Denver should always be able to give you an estimate. In fact, Denver commercial painting contractor estimates with Brush Strokes Painting are free of cost. Reach out today and learn more about your Denver commercial painting project. 

Questions to Ask a Commercial Painter in Denver About Your Project

Once you have more information about the commercial painting contractor company near Denver, Colorado, you can gather more information about your commercial painting project. Here are some common questions to ask a commercial painting contractor near Denver, CO. 

What is the Projected Timeline? 

Understanding the expected timeline of your project can help you and your Denver commercial painting contractor align your schedules for the smoothest experience. At Brush Strokes Painting, we use On Center software for each project. On Center allows us to create accurate estimates and realistic timelines for your commercial painting in Denver. 

Is a Warranty Offered? 

Always ask the commercial painting contractor near Denver you are considering if a warranty is included with their services. If yes, find out the warranty details and how your commercial painting project is covered. Talk to your Brush Strokes Painting representative to learn more about your commercial painting project and the warranties offered. 

Do You Show Proof of All Costs? 

When discussing budgeting and finances with a commercial painting contractor in Denver, you could request proof of cost for all items charged. During the estimate process, your Brush Strokes Painting commercial painting contractor in Denver can review evidence of expenses. 

What Kind of Paints Do You Use? 

Not all paints are created equal. With nearly infinite options of finishes to choose from, picking the right paint can get overwhelming. Working with a commercial painting contractor near Denver, like Brush Strokes Painting, can help you select the best option for your space. Some commercial buildings have rules and regulations regarding the kind of paint accepted, often for safety reasons. 

Brush Strokes Painting uses low- or zero-VOC paints as a part of our plan to be an environmentally conscious commercial painting contractor in Denver. Our expert painting contractors will also ensure your commercial painting project meets standards and safety regulations. 

Brush Strokes Painting, Denver’s Preferred Commercial Painting Contractor

Brush Strokes Painting has worked with property managers, general contractors, homeowners, organizations, and property developers on their commercial painting contractor needs for decades. We have worked with many industries as commercial painting contractors in Denver, including restaurants, hospitals, casinos, hotels, labs, housing complexes, schools, office buildings, military bases, libraries, prisons, and places of worship. Our vast experience across the Denver metro communities is one reason we continue to be Denver’s trusted commercial painting contractor. 

We offer professional wall coverings ranging from murals to fabric to vinyl, and beyond. Our paints are all low- or zero-VOC, providing you with the safest materials on the market. These environmentally friendly paints are available in nearly every color and shade, helping you achieve that perfect look for your space. 

Our genuine customer service compliments our premier quality. When you hire Brush Strokes Painting, you can trust we will handle your property and project with nothing less than respect. All spaces not being painted will be covered and protected and if items are moved, expect them to be exactly in their place when the job is done. 

Reach out to Brush Strokes Painting for a free estimate for your next commercial painting contractor project in Denver. Find out why your neighbors continue to trust and choose Brush Strokes Painting for all of their commercial painting contractors near Denver needs. We use the precision of an engineer and our artist’s eye to provide you with the best quality commercial painting contractor in Denver. Spruce up your space for the coming year with Brush Strokes Painting, Denver’s finest commercial painting contractor.