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Are you interested in changing the look of a piece of furniture or a wall? Have you heard of chalk paint? This type of paint was created about 30 years ago.

Chalk paint’s popularity has grown as people see the amazing way it transforms objects. Keep reading to learn more about this new sensation.

What Is Chalk Paint?

Chalk paint was first developed by Annie Sloan. She wanted to find a way to create new looks that were quick, easy, and dynamic. Its name comes from the soft velvety, matte finish the paint provides.

This low volatile organic compound (VOC) paint decreases the impact on the environment. VOCs, unstable carbon-containing compounds, vaporize into the air. This can increase health risks.

Since the paint is water-based, you can change its thick consistency. Surfaces don’t need prepping and there’s a low incidence of dripping. Thus, painting and cleanup are a breeze.

It’s important to hire a company who uses environmentally friendly and professional-grade products.

Best Uses of Chalk Paint

You will find that most people use chalk paint to create a matte finish on furniture. It’s also great for creating a distressed look. This paint can also add charm to entire walls.

Chalk paint projects don’t require the stripping or old layers of paint. If you want a very smooth finished look, you may wish to sand it first. Be sure to wipe it off with a damp cloth before applying the chalk paint.

Due to the thickness and opaque quality of the paint, you may only need one coat. If that doesn’t achieve the desired look, you can always add a second coat.

How to Use Chalk Paint

Painters who choose to use Chalk Paint enjoy the ease of use and great results. As mentioned, often, there’s no need to sand or prime. Using a brush, apply the paint using strokes in all directions.

You can mix colors to create various looks. Adding water can help smooth out brush strokes or thin the paint to create a wash. For thicker paint, leave the lid off for a while.

Once it has dried, a second coat may be applied if needed. The next step is to use a brush or lint-free cloth to apply clear wax. It’s important to reach all painted areas.

Waxes and other finishes can give the appearance of a patina or vintage feel. The variety afforded by chalk paint works well with many styles. A piece can fit a minimalist style to a bohemian or farmhouse look.

Use a lint-free cloth to remove excess wax. Allow the piece to cure and harden for 5 to 21 days.

Are You Ready for Some New Color in Your Space?

Has this article stirred your creative side? Are you already thinking about furniture pieces or walls that could receive a new life with chalk paint? Brush Strokes Painting is ready to deliver extraordinary painting and coating services.

We use high quality, professional paint and specialty coating in all our work. Our goal is to provide you with award-winning service. Contact us today to ask questions and schedule an appointment.