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3 Tips to Stay on Top of Your Denver Commercial Painting Project

Taking on project for commercial painting in Denver can be quite daunting, especially with the amount of contacts that can be involved in a single renovation or project. As a business owner, there can be a heightened level of stress when dealing with remodeling or renovating your space – but it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Follow these simple tips and keep yourself organized and stress free during your building overhaul: Read More…

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Primer: Starting Your Commercial Painting Project

Primers are an integral step in the preparation of your surface for painting. When beginning your commercial painting project, Denver business owners often times seek to achieve the lowest cost overall. Depending on the project, your options might be slightly higher in price – but will endure for much longer, saving you money overall. When deciding on primer, it is important to understand that there are many different types – a professional can suggest the right materials for your project. Read More…

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Commercial Painting Projects – Wall Coverings

When begininng a major project to take over your space and add value to your building, the professionals can offer many other options other than paint. Consider the following additions to create a brand new environment: Read More…

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4 Top Tips for Choosing Commercial Paint Colors

After deciding that your commercial building or office is in need of a refresh – paint is typically the first item on the agenda. As a major influencer of space, reception, and atmosphere, it is critical to choose a color that works well in your space. Commercial painting companies Denver can rely on will guide you through the process and offer helpful tips like these from Brushstrokes Painting: Read More…

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3 Denver Residential Painting Problems

As a general rule, you should repaint the exterior of your home every 10 years. However, there are a number of factors that can decrease this time period. Things like water and solvent damage, weather, and improper painting practices all contribute to a house looking old and deteriorated. Here are three common Denver residential paint problems: Read More…

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Commercial Painting Preparation: Getting the Surface Ready

Although every company has their own method and technique, a standard procedure for prepping a surface for paint should be followed by every company taking on such a project. Different projects can be more or less complex, but typically will always involve a few key steps: Read More…

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