Painting Contractors Denver

Are you looking to revive those boring walls with a pleasing touch? Whether your home or commercial property in Denver, giving your walls and ceilings a new look significantly impacts the vibe of your space and everything about it. 

Choosing the best painting company can be a task. However, it is all worth it as soon as you see your vision become a reality. In this article, we have made things easy for you to choose the best painting company near Denver. 

Residential Painting Contractors near Denver

With our extensive experience in residential painting, the expert team at Brush Strokes Painting can bring your dream look to reality in interior and exterior painting for residential properties in Denver.

You can rest assured about how we can transform your home’s walls, ceilings, cabinets, and other surfaces to give you the best-customized experience. Shift your space with a fresh coat of paint, a new trim, an accent wall, or a textured finish.  

Commercial Painting in Denver

Brush Strokes Painting has delivered exceptional painting projects in the commercial area as well. Our well-experienced & expert team can handle even the most complex commercial painting projects. 

We understand how crucial it is to have the right paint across your commercial buildings. The look of your building describes its vibe. Some commercial properties in Denver also require specific finishes to comply with safety regulations. Find out why local Denver businesses, general contractors, and organizations trust Brush Strokes Painting for their commercial painting contractor needs. 

Here are the top 9 tips for finding the best commercial painting contractor in Denver to revive your space and bring your vision to life. 


One of the first things to consider while choosing the best painting company near Denver for your commercial property is the company’s experience and expertise. It gives you a sense of surety and shows the company’s credibility. 

Brush Strokes Painting, the best painting company near Denver, has decades of experience in painting residential and commercial properties. Using the finest quality commercial painting contractor in Denver gives your customers the finest quality, reflecting the brand your customers’ trust. Our experience and expertise allow us to create the best space for you, turning your vision into a reality. 


Personal referrals play a significant role in choosing the best painting company near Denver. When seeking advice, many first go to their friends and family. Searching for and hiring a commercial painting contractor in Denver is no different! 

When choosing a painting contractor near Denver, the utmost point is to focus on the quality of the service. Personal referrals help in that case too. It improves the quality of hire. Suppose your trusted source had an excellent experience with Brush Strokes Painting. In that case, there is no reason to expect your experience would be different. 

Brush Strokes Painting, the best painting company near Denver, receives excellent responses from our clients. Our clients regularly refer us and reach out when future work is needed. 


It is a no-brainer to read reviews when choosing the best painting company near Denver. Readily available on many platforms, you can select your trusted forum to go over reviews. 

Customer reviews directly tell about the quality of the service of the painting company. When their clients write about the service they provide, you have all the pros and cons in one place. Reading reviews allows you to build a trust factor when choosing the best painting contractor in Denver for your commercial painting.

Brush Strokes Painting has an edge in this aspect too. Our clients leave genuine reviews after working with us. Here, have a look. Is there a review that relates to your commercial painting project?


When hiring the best painting company in Denver for you, check on their residential and commercial painting licenses. The painting company you hire should be fully licensed and insured. 

Brush Strokes Painting is a fully licensed and insured professional painting contractor in the state of Colorado. In addition, we are also bonded for projects up to $1,000,000.

As an insured, bonded, and licensed Denver painting company, Brush Strokes Painting is also: 

  • International Facility Managers Association (IFMA) Certified
  • Association (IFMA) Certified
  • Painting Decorating Contractors Association (PCA) Certified
  • EPA Lead-Safe Certified
  • OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 Certified
  • SBE Certified
  • EBE Certified

Brush Strokes Painting is equipped to handle large-scale commercial painting needs safely and exceptionally throughout our beautiful state of Colorado. 


When hiring the best painting company in Colorado, ensure you ask about any warranty they offer for their painting services. There are generally two types of warranties that painting companies provide.

Some offer a 1-year warranty while others provide a 3-year warranty for complete customer satisfaction. Each project is unique and may come with a customized warranty. It is also essential to ask about what the warranty covers. Make sure you have a list of all exclusions. Ask your Brush Strokes Painting representative to review your professional paint job warranty. 


An excellent tip for choosing the best painting company near Denver is to review their past painting projects. Reviewing these will give you an idea about their work and expertise. Past projects act as another way of review for the painting company. 

Please do not shy away from asking about their previous or most recent projects. Many companies can provide pictures of their projects. If able to, you could visit a local Colorado business, show some support, and see how the paint job has held up in person. 

You will better understand whether the commercial painting contractor in Denver can meet your expectations in delivering the project. There may even be a similar project, giving you great insight into the quality of work.  


When hiring the best painting company near Denver, ask for estimates beforehand. Getting an estimate is the top recommended thing you can do before hiring a commercial painting contractor. 

Estimates give you a rough idea of how much the project will cost, helping you understand whether your budget falls in line with that company. Once you have an estimated cost, ask about what is included, such as labor and materials. An estimated price also helps you compare Denver’s commercial painting companies.

Additionally, getting an estimate gives you a glimpse of what working with a company is like. Multiple estimates allow you to compare prices and the clarity and ease of communicating with the company. 

Brush Strokes Painting offers free estimates for all Denver commercial and residential painting services. Schedule your free estimate today. 


There is plenty of fishes in the sea. You must have heard this, right? Explore your options when searching for the best commercial painting contractor in Denver. 

Talk to all painting companies you are considering and make a list of what they offer, services, exclusives, warranties, etc. Once you have a list of painting companies in Denver and their services, it is easier for you to compare. Schedule estimates and then pick the best painting company in Denver, Colorado, that suits your requirements and budget. 


It is all in the details. When choosing the best painting company near Denver, pay attention to the details as you compare. At Brush Strokes Painting, you need the precision of an engineer with an artist’s eye to be a professional painter. 

Have a note down about what is unique about them, such as safety measures they take or customer satisfaction. Here, reviews massively help with the decision. These details will make you understand their work process. You can also see how the company handled different situations and projects from real clients. 

With Brush Strokes Painting, you do not have to worry about a single thing. Our safety standards are top-notch, and we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. 

Before commencing the new project, we have our safety officer meeting with the team to get a brief and ensure safety for both ends. Daily and weekly meetings while painting ensures all team members adhere to our standards and progress is on track. 

Before starting the project, our team at Brush Strokes Painting is all ears about your requirements and preferences. That is how we prepare a customized plan to get your dream colors into reality. Our low or zero VOC is available in nearly any shade, creating your perfect space with industry-safe paints. 

Your Search Ends Here – Brush Strokes Painting is Denver’s Premier Commercial Painting Contractor 

Brush Strokes Painting is the best painting company near Denver; we tick off this entire checklist to provide you with painting services that shine as bright as your new walls. 

Contact us now to get a free estimate and kick-start your new home or commercial building painting. Experienced commercial painting contractors, we have provided the Denver metro area communities with premier painting services for decades. Find out why your neighbors choose Brush Strokes Painting as their preferred painting contractor near Denver.