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Do you have a recently emptied nest?

When children leave the nest, it’s a milestone in both their and their family’s lives. Afterward, parents can reclaim the space for their own needs. It can provide a meaningful project to help anyone move past their empty nest syndrome.

Don’t let all that extra space go to waste. Instead, use it as an opportunity to realize your interior decorating dreams.

If it’s time to repaint an empty space in your home, take a minute to consider these creative repainting house tips. 

1. A Guest Room

A guest room is a great luxury in any home. Not only is it inviting to friends and family you want to spend time with, but it could even be an additional source of income. 

First, choose a color theme. A blue theme inspires calm, while a yellow theme is sunny and energetic. If you already have furniture, consider which paint colors work best with what you have. 

For a guest room to work, make sure it’s free of anything too personal so that guests can feel like it’s their own space. Consider hiring a professional painter especially if you want to rent this room out.

2. A Craft Room

A craft room is a perfect place for inspiring creativity and making room for personal projects. 

For artists and creatives who already have a lot going on in their minds and spaces, white and off-white color palettes may be best. This opens up the room and won’t distract. 

Others may prefer bright colors, like seafoam or yellow, to inspire the right mood.

3. A Personal Library

A personal library is an impressive, somber place for learning and reflection. The paint for this room shouldn’t be too distracting. 

If the room has enough light, opt for dark or medium-dark tones. If you need more, you can use any color with a grey or brown undertone. 

4. A Nursery

Some aspiring grandmas and grandpas can’t wait to turn a spare room into a future nursery. Make sure the colors are nurturing and not too bright. Soft greens and blues remind us of the natural world and help us feel calm. 

5. A Home Office

Even if you don’t work from home, we all have obligations to meet and it’s ideal to have the right space to work on them. Your home office should be painted with colors that motivate and don’t distract.

Blue can help you focus on more mentally strenuous tasks, while green is easier on your eyes and good for long hours in the office.

6. A Relaxation Room

Relaxing should be a human right. It’s essential for mental health, and if you can, why not dedicate an entire space to this?

Relaxation rooms need relaxing colors. These include soft tones like pale blues and soft purples.

7. An Exercise Room

Why spend money and time traveling to a local gym when you can have one in your home? It’s a lot easier to motivate yourself to exercise in your very own home gym. 

For this room, look for energetic, warm colors that inspire energy and movement. 

Put These Repainting House Tips to Use

These repainting house tips are by no means the extent of all the possibilities an empty room can hold. Take the time to transform this space from one that feels like a loss to one that feels like yours. 

For professional help with your new project, make sure to reach out to our expert painters and start planning the next steps.