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According to child development experts, teens need space apart for themselves to be able to solidify their individual identities. Why not provide a safe, positive environment for your teen to get some alone time, right at home?

Painting a teenager’s room so they feel a sense of ownership and individuality in it is a great way to encourage their need for freedom and help them know you care.

Here are 5 tips for painting your teen’s room so they feel right at home.

1. Give Them Options

You and your teenager might have totally different ideas of what a good color may be. That’s ok.

You can give them a sense of ownership without having to completely agree to whatever they come up with.

Maybe you’re totally against a black room, instead of just saying “no,” offer to let them choose from one of several other shades in a color scheme they like. 

That way, you can avoid having a hideous paint color in your house while still letting your teen feel it was ultimately their selection.

2. Keep it Bright

Interestingly, much research has shown that lighter paint colors tend to produce happier, more hopeful or optimistic feelings in individuals.

If your teen is set on navy blue, consider doing an accent wall. Let them paint one wall darker then add pops of color or lighter paint to the rest of the room.

Sometimes a darker shade on one wall works well for an accent to emphasis photo collages, posters, or works of art your teen may enjoy. Whatever you decide, try and include at least one bright area in the room to bring a sense of peace and hope to your teen’s personal space.

3. Have Them Help

By far, your teen will enjoy their newly painted room much more if they had a hand in painting it.

Letting your teen participate in the paint selection, and application will give them a sense of confidence and accomplishment. Your teen can have fun tackling a new task and seeing the fruits of their labor. 

4. Browse Ideas

Before you go for something generic, do some research. Browse unique or creative color schemes. See what paint colors are currently popular.

You can even take ideas from several different places and create your own unique look. Just avoid doing anything too busy like a different paint color on every wall.

After all, your teen needs to be able to fall asleep in there at some point…

5. Think Outside the Paint Can

Again, don’t feel confined to the typical color schemes you might find in kid or teen bedrooms. Spend some time getting to know your teenager and finding out what their interests and hobbies are.

Use their personality and interests as the basis for your design. Doing this will make for a unique, and perfectly individualized room they will love.

Painting a Teenager’s Room: Getting Started 

Painting a teenager’s room is a fun way to let your teen enjoy some responsibility and create something of their own. 

For help choosing the perfect shades and color scheme, check out our post on interior paint options. Happy painting!