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If you are looking for the perfect way to fill your house with rustic charm, the first thing you should consider changing is your interior paint. Your paint color holds more power than you may realize. And it can actually impact the way each room in your house feels.

Rustic design is an excellent choice to create a space that is warm, inviting, and filled with a vintage twist. This aesthetic involves incorporating colors and materials found in nature, which is why choosing the perfect rustic paint colors is essential to make your interior design dreams come true.

Here are the top 5 best rustic paint colors to use next in your home!

Deep Reds

When you think of a traditional rustic color pallet, you will often have deep reds and dark burnt oranges come to mind. These colors are bold and warm tones that work well to complement other natural elements such as wood and stone.

If you are looking to make a statement with your wall color, consider going in this direction. Depending on your personality, this color range can be used for an accent wall, the entire room, or even simply a piece of furniture.

Consider Sherwin-Williams Rockwood Red SW 2802 for the perfect earthy deep red vibe. 

Neutral Gold

Another fun color to explore adding to the rustic charm of your home is a muted gold. If you are looking to achieve that perfect vintage vibe, you’ll want to avoid metallic golds and instead choose neutral colors that have a hint of gold to them.

Remember when picking out this color that you want to choose something that looks like it could be found in the natural world.

A neutral gold, such as Benjamin Moore Shelburne Buff HC-28 is a perfect balance. This color is neutral enough to go with anything but is still full of life. 

A Hint Of Olive Green

Olive green is another great color to add to your home. But, much like the neutral gold, this color needs to be chosen carefully so you don’t end up with a bright green wall. You’ll want to pick a color that is neither green nor grey, but the perfect in the middle.

Rainy Afternoon 1575 by Benjamin Moore is the perfect in-between shade. You can either warm this color up with wooden accents or cool it down with a natural stone.  


If you are someone who shies away from colors but still wishes to have a darker shade, consider choosing a color found in natural stones. Either a warm brown or deep gray can be a great choice depending on what aesthetic you are looking for.

Warm Stone SW 7032 by Sherwin-Williams is the perfect choice for an in-between of gray and brown. This color pairs well with everything and can give you the room to play around with colorful accents.


If you love a good neutral and wish to create a rustic feel without having to pick a deep bold color, consider going for a warm cream shade.

This will help to maintain an airy feel while also complimenting rustic decor. Hazelnut Cream 750C-2 by Behr Paints is the perfect warm off white choice. 

Choosing Your Rustic Paint Colors

Whether you decide to go with one or a combination of these rustic paint colors in your home, you will be delighted to see the earth’s natural colors on your walls. 

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