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On average, interior walls get repainted every 2-7 years. When it comes time to repaint or put up your first coat of paint, you need to consider what color scheme you’re going to use. Each color represents a different feeling in your home and your workspace.

Choosing colors can be an overwhelming process. With that in mind, we’ll review the best paint color trends for 2020 to make your decision a little easier. 

1. Blue

Blue is a very popular color in 2020, with three particular shades standing out:

  • Naval (SW 6244) by Sherwin Williams
  • Classic Blue (19-4052) by Pantone
  • Chinese Porcelain (PPG1160-6) by PPG

These hues help provide a sense of relaxation and calmness to your space. They’ll help remove your anxiety.

These colors work well in most rooms in your home. They shine best in hallways, bedrooms, offices, and living rooms. For your business, they work great in break rooms, relaxation rooms, and in most types of offices. 

These colors pair well with white, off-white, soft grays, pale yellows, orange, and pink. Accent these with light or medium wood furniture or flooring, or porcelain flooring.

2. Light Pink

Light pink is fairly popular as well, with two shades sticking out: 

  • First Light (2102-70) by Benjamin Moore 
  • HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams’ Romance (SW 6323)

These shades of pink are pale and warmer, which help promote positivity and comfort. They open up your space and make it more inviting.

Soft pinks work well in bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. For companies, they’re great in break rooms, therapy rooms, or any healthcare environment.

Combine these colors with grays, teal, pale blues and yellows, and whites. Accent with light to medium wood. For more vibrancy, add decor with cornflower blue, hunter green, or burnt red coloring.

3. Tranquil Dawn (J5.03.71) by Sikkens 

Tranquil Dawn is a combination of gray, blue and green. It helps promote calmness, positivity, and balance. This is especially true when combined with the rest of the Sikkens Care Palette.

When used with the Sikkens Play Palette, it’ll energize you and boost your positivity. When matched with the Sikkens Meaningful Palette, this hue promotes focus and balance.

This color works well in any type of business. In your home, use this color in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or dining room.

Accent your space with light to medium wood and greenery.

4. Rumba Orange (M230-7) by Behr

Rumba Orange is a bright and warm hue. You’ll feel as if you’re in a rugged landscape. It helps keep you motivated and awake.

It’s perfect for companies in the hospitality industry as it’ll help boost your productivity. It’s perfect in offices, restaurants, hotels, and gyms.

In your home, it works well in your workout room, office, living room, and kitchen.

Match this hue with off-white, beige, white, and pale greens. It also compliments well with other colors from the Worldhood Palette. Accent it with medium wood.

5. Back to Nature (S340-4) by Behr

Back to Nature is a sage green hue that brings spring to life, it connects you to nature. You’ll feel peace and tranquility with this color.

This color is perfect in healthcare and hospitality environments. It works well in places you need to relax and/or feel balance.

In your home, use this color in living rooms, offices, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

This hue pairs well with dark greens, soft grays and pinks, browns, white, blues, and the Restore Palette. Accent this color with dark wood and greenery to heighten your connection to nature.

Best Paint Color Trends for 2020

These are the best paint color trends for homes and businesses in 2020. Hopefully, this guide has made picking out your paint colors easier. 

Review our blog to learn how to match decor and paint colors.