Painting Contractors Denver

After deciding that your commercial building or office is in need of a refresh – paint is typically the first item on the agenda. As a major influencer of space, reception, and atmosphere, it is critical to choose a color that works well in your space. Commercial painting companies Denver can rely on will guide you through the process and offer helpful tips like these from Brushstrokes Painting:

    • Awareness of Lighting: While a color may look one way when illuminated by incandescent bulbs, the sunlight beaming on the walls could elicit a different feeling entirely. Be mindful of the placement of lamps and what types of bulbs are used in your building. Be sure to test the colors on multiple areas with different light sources.
    • Draw from the Space: Take into consideration the larger elements of the room itself. Do you feature a large area rug or wall hanging? Draw from the color scheme of something in the room and expand upon it to ensure cohesiveness.
    • Remember the Basics: Check the trusty color wheel to enhance your chosen colors with their complement. Many times, to provide an accent, it is a good idea to use complementary colors from the color wheel. Hues and temperatures can be altered to make sure the colors work well.
    • Alter Your Perspective: Often times when painting an interior, it seems like standing right in the middle of it offers the best perspective to gauge how you like the color. The more important way to gauge the feeling is to look through to the newly painted room from another. You want to make sure the flow from room to room is cohesive.

As the premier commercial painting company Denver knows and trusts, Brushstrokes can help you choose the best finish and color to suit your aesthetic. We know the right tools to get your project done right. Call for a quote today: 720-398-9689 and get your building back to looking its best.