Painting Contractors Denver

When it comes to the success of your business, aesthetics play a major role. Part of creating a reputation of being the best is keeping up appearances. The way your building looks on the outside will determine the first impression people get of your business. Make sure to recognize the following signs to know whether your building needs an update:

    • Mold formation: With the amount of moisture in the air fluctuating, sometimes the excess is not something your building’s exterior was prepared for. Mold and mildew can begin to form in areas that have a heightened level of moisture and spread to other areas. If you see mold on a wall, it should be addressed immediately and receive a new layers of protection.
    • Peeling or bubbling: If you see the paint beginning to peel back or see pockets of air underneath the paint creating bubbles on the wall – it is time to have your exterior repainted. This can be caused by water and weather affecting the areas without any paint or sealant and making its way through.
    • Powdery residue: When you touch proper and up to date paint jobs, the paint should not leave a residue on your hand. Old paint will become chalky over time, and the now powdery paint comes right off. This is a sign your building needs to be scraped, washed, and repainted.

If you have experienced any of these signs if degradation of your building, make sure to contact a commercial painting company Denver trusts. Get in touch with professional painters to assess your situation and determine whether you are in need of an update. Brush Strokes Painting can help you avoid further costly repairs by keeping your building’s exterior protected.