Painting Contractors Denver

As a general rule, you should repaint the exterior of your home every 10 years. However, there are a number of factors that can decrease this time period. Things like water and solvent damage, weather, and improper painting practices all contribute to a house looking old and deteriorated. Here are three common Denver residential paint problems:

    • Blistering: A blister can appear when vapor or solvent is trapped under the paint. To find out if it is a water or solvent blister, cut it open and inspect underneath. If there is bare wood under the paint, it’s a water blister that has been created by the escaping water from damp wood. If there is paint underneath, then it is a solvent blister which is usually caused by painting in direct sunlight.
    • “Alligatoring”: When paint cracks and resembles the pattern of alligator skin, it’s usually because the top coat was applied before the bottom coat was dry. It can also happen when the top and bottom paint coats are incompatible.
    • Wrinkling: Wrinkles in paint are a direct result of careless painting. If the paint was applied too thickly, the top surface dries too quickly and the paint under it starts drooping down beneath the dry top layer of paint.

When a surface is properly prepared and the paint is allowed to dry for a long enough time period, it will ensure that these problems don’t arise. That’s where Brush Strokes Painting comes in. Our experts in painting commercial Denver properties provides the experience and knowledge to allow us to get any size job done right. We take the proper steps and precautions to make sure that your paint job lasts as long as possible. Our mission is to create long lasting, impressive paint projects and paint application techniques by sticking to superb quality standards.