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Each year we see innovation when it comes to the newest trends in commercial painting. While it is essential to always be yourself, we believe trends can bring inspiration to your vision, completing any missing pieces. Brush Strokes Painting, Denver’s premier painting contractor, has the knowledge and the tools to get your space to new life. Inspired by all that is around us, today we will talk about commercial painting trends we have been loving in 2022. Which one is going to be your favorite?  

Table of Contents 

  1. Wall Finishes Available for Commercial Spaces in Denver 
  2. Why the Paint Color You Choose for Your Business in Denver Matters 
  3. Top 3 Commercial Paint Trends in Denver 
  4. Commercial Painting Contractors in Denver 

Wall Finishes Available for Commercial Spaces in Denver 

Before we get directly into the trends, let’s get our creative juices flowing by refreshing on the different applications available for your commercial space in Denver. Brush Strokes Painting has been working with various offices, government agencies, hospitals, boutique retail stores, restaurants, and businesses in all industries in Colorado since 2013. Here are some of the different finishes available for installation in your commercial space. How do you see your business after renovations? 

Antique Glazing 

Antique glazing is a trend that is here to stay, my friends. This technique can be used on walls, furniture, and floors to bring a well-loved look to the area. However, you can mix in the colors when you use antique glazing. For commercial spaces, antique glazing a wall in your building adds a subtle or drastic dimension to any area. Including metallic colors can give a shimmery pop that will catch customers’ eyes.   

Industrial Coatings 

Industrial coatings are different mixtures of compounds created for specific purposes. Each coating protects and has other additional benefits to the floor or another space. For instance, epoxy coatings are waterproof, slip-resistant (to a degree), and absorb shock. Polyurethane coatings keep your floors shining with their scratch-resistant formula and glossy finish.  

Elastomeric coatings are especially beneficial for home and business owners in Denver, Colorado. These coatings are used to protect both floors and roofs! Elastomeric is a hyper-durable yet flexible, waterproof coating that benefits any roof in Colorado year-round. It also provides UV protection, helping your building remain at a level temperature and your HVAC more efficient. With hail storms in the summer and snowstorms in the winter, elastomeric coatings are a great protective addition to any roof in Colorado.  

Murals and Graphics 

Painting a mural onto the exterior wall of your commercial space is a way to introduce your company to your customers before they walk through the door. It is also eye-catching, allowing for potential customers with every passerby. Graphics and murals can help you translate the vibe of your restaurant or coworking space to attract your ideal clientele. Entryways and waiting areas are also great places to add character to your space. The sky is the limit for your choice in murals and graphics. From telling the company’s story to an abstract creative piece, murals bring your canvas to life. Evoking the overall desired feeling within your customers from the beginning, murals are an excellent addition to any Denver exterior commercial space.  

Why the Paint Color You Choose for Your Business Matters

Speaking of evoking emotions, did you know that is one of the best subliminal ways to connect to your clients? Colors have been shown to consistently bring out certain emotions or feelings within us. This is why the colors you choose for your brand matter; they send a message. Equally as necessary, the colors you choose to paint in your commercial space in Denver can affect your atmosphere.  

Here is a quick overview of the most common emotions evoked by each color:  

  • RED – Red is a very stimulating color that can get your adrenaline pumping. If you want clients to be full of excitement when they walk through your doors, consider adding red to the exterior of your commercial building.  
  • ORANGE – Orange brings the excitement of red to a more mellow level, with enthusiasm that is also inviting. The perfect color for commercial spaces of gathering and discussing.  
  • YELLOW – Yellow brings warmth to any space, connecting to feelings of when the sunshine fills your body and you are recharged. Bright yellow can also touch nerves of anxiety when it becomes the dominant color.  
  • GREEN – Green is the color of life, as we see in nature around us, and brings a positive vibe to any space. Green feels fresh, like a deep breath, often associated with growth and renewal.  
  • BLUE – When a space is painted with the color blue, it has been shown to bring such tranquility to a space that it even lowers people’s blood pressure. As with each color, the shade matters. Excessive dark blue was found to be overwhelming and depressive. Think sky, water, and ocean waves shades when looking at blue.  
  • PURPLE – Lavender-Esque shades of purple bring a feeling of relaxation and clarity when painted in a commercial space. Darker shades of purple have long represented royalty, bringing an air of luxury to your business.  
  • WHITE – The color white expresses a purity that can be peaceful and inviting when the correct shade is reached. Stark white, or an entirely white space, can feel so sterile that it quickly overwhelms and unnerves people. Choose a shade of white with your professional painting contractor in Denver for your commercial space.  
  • BLACK – When used appropriately, black can add a touch of sophistication to any painted commercial space in Denver. The regal relaxation of black accents can swiftly turn to pull on negative emotions when black encompasses the area.  

Top 3 Commercial Paint Trends in Denver for 2022 

Each year different trends come onto the scene, while others stay around for years. Many of the colors trending this year have a timeless feel about them, making them an excellent choice for a color scheme that can grow through the years with you and your business. Here are the top three color trends we are seeing this year in Denver, Colorado, for commercial building spaces and homeowners alike.  


Abundant everywhere we look in nature, the color green shows up in all shades this year. Dark forest and olive greens especially have been taking a stand as prominent exterior color choices for commercial buildings. Muted mossy and sage greens dominate on the lighter side of the spectrum. Green pairs great with any natural material, allowing your commercial building to stand out in the city or blend into nature.  

Pops of Color 

Showing your style has never been easier than with this year’s trending commercial paint techniques. Pops of color have been the most popular way to accent any building, from a home’s front door to the trim of a commercial building. Smaller amounts of bright colors bring an excitement and a feeling of engagement without overwhelming you at the same time. Ask our team at Brush Strokes Painting how to incorporate pops of color in your commercial renovation!  

Deep Cools 

Deep, dark grays made an appearance a year or so ago and are here to stay. This year, blues and purples have joined the ranks of dark shades painting contractors are using in Denver, Colorado. These shades can bring a vast sense of peace while invoking confidence when done correctly.  

Commercial Painting Contractors in Denver, Colorado 

The combined experience of our team leaders here at Brush Strokes Painting is over 120 years. With all of that experience, we have seen it all. While trends come and go, we have worked with business and property owners to bring life into their new spaces over decades. Our team of highly trained licensed painting contractors have a vast knowledge of all of the industry’s most contemporary and most efficient techniques. 

When you choose Brush Strokes Painting as your professional painting contractor in Denver, you choose a team whose goal is to see your vision come to life. We will walk you through each option, creating a pathway for your dream to become real. Our variety of special services offered for commercial buildings makes us the preferred choice for property owners and general contractors alike.    

At Brush Strokes Painting, we have experience working with government agencies and buildings such as libraries, military bases, city buildings, and schools. Our commercial property experience ranges from multi-family home units, apartments, places of worship, and even hospitals and urgent care. Business owners have trusted us as their painting contractors in Colorado for their hotels, restaurants, casinos, boutique retail shops, and financial institutions. No matter the industry, Brush Strokes Painting is Denver’s first choice for professional painting contractors for commercial spaces.  

Reach out to Brush Strokes Painting today and tell us what you are looking for. Offering everything from mural installation, painted writing surfaces, fine staining, and fabrics, your commercial space will be uniquely full of character. With industrial floor coverings, our experience painting arenas, concert halls, and distribution centers has shown we can paint any surface for lasting results.